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Top tips for running with poles par Top tips for running with poles - 12-08-2019

Andy Symonds, le texte de sa publication du 12-08-2019 10:00:19 :
A little over three years ago British citizens were miss-told and miss-sold a rather bad idea which was going to have a negative impact on most of the people voting for it.

They were told to vote leave, and by doing so they would have the freedom to make their own choices about things like whether to use poles or not. No such opinions or obligations would be further forced upon them from Brussels.

The British Prime Minister at the time was rather an idiot. He was subsequently replaced by an even bigger idiot, who whilst being open about her affection for trotting about with walking sticks in the Lake District, was willing to sacrifice anything she may have previously have had ressembling logic or intelligence in the name of power and control. Both of which she subsequently failed to muster. The British people, after 3 years of walking around in circles, pole-assited or liberally, are no further forward than where they set off, back in June 2016 (which is generally what happens when you limit movement to going round in circles). Unimmaginable heights of stupidity have been met by the people governing Great Britain. Well that's what we thought, until... Boris came along, and started to demonstrate just how silly things can get, once elect a nutter as country leader.

Back in the summer of 2016, this intial Cameron-cock-up promted Tom Owens, Yoann Stuck and myself to make a little video, hoping to absorb some european tensions, and bilaterally promotting the efficient use of an all-time classic european invention: walking with sticks in trail races. We thought we'd show a little “international-collaboration”, and share some of our top tips in optimising the useage of pointy bits of carbon on winding footpaths.

Albeit, it would seem that the video did little good. As three years later the British political situation is even more dire, and let's face it, how many trail runners can put their hands up and say they've killed a fish or carried a banana with a trail-walking pole? The backstop agreement (leave the EU whilst maintaining sticks in trail running) has failed to be agreed and leaving without a deal (on how and when to use sticks) has become the default solution. What a mess!

So, all that said, it seems like a good opportunity to remind ourselves of the bigger picture.

If the world seems mad to you (which it may well do if you've actually read all of this), then take some deep breaths and go for a nice jog or walk, around or over a mountain, with our without sticks!


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