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We don’t have to choose perfect, we can choose to...

Anna Frost, le texte de sa publication du 13-04-2019 22:34:11 :
We don’t have to choose perfect, we can choose to be kind, compassionate and conscious. Icebreaker #movetonatural

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annafrostyhttp://frostysfootsteps.wordpress.com/ Step by step on mountain trails around the world

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Message de Anna Frost du 08-04-2019Le 08-04-2019 :
Perform, protect nature, freedom to move. What do you choose in your favourite training clothes? Icebreaker #movetonatural
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Message de Anna Frost du 03-04-2019Le 03-04-2019 :
‪MADEIRA Adventure with Trail Run Adventures & Retreats! Register now and get a FREE entry into any of the Ultra Skyrunning Madeira Skyrunning races! Jump to it: www.trailrunadventures.com‬
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Message de Anna Frost du 03-04-2019Le 03-04-2019 :
I’m amazed at how time just stands still. I’m learning to embrace the calm, the slow, the ability to sit and just watch life grow. 📷 Merrell Q Media
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Message de Anna Frost du 02-04-2019Le 02-04-2019 :
A touching piece of connection by Merrell Q Media
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Message de Anna Frost du 02-04-2019Le 02-04-2019 :
Autumn is here in NZ, and even though I’m not moving that fast, I’m moving patiently and lovingly step by step forward.
📷 Q Media Merrell (photo from Colorado Autumn...
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Martin GaffuriMartin Gaffuri
13-04-2019 20:39:37

Message de Martin Gaffuri du 13-04-2019"Le maillot du club". Tout se résume en ces quelques mots.
J'ai hérité de ce maillot quand j'ai commencé à courir et je l'ai étrenné lors de mon premier cross, j'avais...
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Sage CanadaySage Canaday
13-04-2019 20:05:02

Message de Sage Canaday du 13-04-2019I’m not much of a writer (and don’t do race report “blog posts” anymore)...instead I do “Vlogs” or video logs on my youtube channel (it is easier for...
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Stian Angermund-VikStian Angermund-Vik
13-04-2019 19:46:24

Message de Stian Angermund-Vik du 13-04-2019Start of the 8th of 9 laps with Gédéon Pochat in ultra Montée du Saleve. We started way to fast on the first laps, so the rest of the race...
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Ruth CroftRuth Croft
13-04-2019 19:01:23

Message de Ruth Croft du 13-04-2019The season is off to a start . All the best to the SCOTT Running team this weekend in France .
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Diego Pazos Diego Pazos "Zpeedy"
13-04-2019 18:55:26

Message de Diego Pazos Ultra montée du Saleve !
Today it was the last long training before MIUT - Madeira Island Ultra Trail 😀 and I decided to do it during a race 😁😅
8 uphills...
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