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“Why is it that 8 men have gone for solo...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 11-10-2018 02:27:24 :
“Why is it that 8 men have gone for solo unsupported records on the Wonderland Trail, but you’re the only woman who has? Every other woman who has done it unsupported has done it with a partner?” I was recording a podcast with @ultimatedirectionusa for their podcast about Fastest Known Times talking to the legendary Buzz Burrell. The Wonderland Trail is a challenging 95 mile trail with 27,000 ft of climbing that circumnavigated Mt Rainier, Washington’s tallest mountain. The question struck me. He was right, no other woman had done it solo. Why? My answer is conditioning, that women are more conditioned to be social and fearful in our society. That women are more likely to want to do it with a partner because of socialization. If that’s not the answer, if women are naturally less courageous or more fearful ... well honestly I just don’t believe that. I have fear but I don’t let it stop me from reaching my goals. I choose to face it, to move through it and with it. I know that only the very best things in life will come if you face your fears. If you always back down and go home you will never achieve anything. Women can and DO adventure courageously, but not enough. Not often enough. I hope that they do because overcoming fear teaches us how powerful we really are. If you can face your fears, every obstacle is just part of the journey— something to hop, jump, hurdle the fuck over. #selfpropelled #ultimatedirection #bosslady #Fear #women #adventurer

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