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Hi 👋! Exciting time of year when we plan our...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 04-11-2018 18:42:57 :
Hi 👋! Exciting time of year when we plan our ultrarunnjng race schedules! As a race director, this is the time of year we open our race registrations. As tradition goes, the Tahoe 200 will open on Nov 7 at 9am PST. This is my late friend Stephen Jones’ birthday and it seems a fitting tradition as he had planned to run the #Tahoe200 every year until he could no longer run it. This race is a Hardrock 100 and UTMB qualifying race. It has sold out the past 2 years. Why? Scroll left on our photos to see! This 200 miler is the most popular (biggest) 200 mile race in the USA 🇺🇸 with 250 runners from all over the world and almost every state in the US. We offer a world class venue with a well marked course, professional photographers, aid stations with real food, live SPOT tracking, sleep stations, and 205 miles of non stop adventure as you circumnavigate Lake Tahoe on the Tahoe Rim Trail, through the Crystal Basin and 3 national forests! This race is what we term “non repetitive” meaning you’re just doing ONE massive 200 mile loop with minimal out and backs to aid stations. We also have 100k and 25k options! Learn more at TAHOE200.com #200isthenew100 #running #trailrunning #ultramarthon #ultrarunning #tahoe200 photos by @howiesternphoto @rokisphoto @ Tahoe 200 Mile Endurance Run, 100k & 25k

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runcandiceFollow my obsessive approach to the outdoors http://www.wilddefined.com
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Message de Candice Burt du 03-11-2018Le 03-11-2018 :
Who else loves kettlebells? #bodyweighttraining #runnersofinstagram
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This is a brilliant and nuanced joke about 200 miles and I love it! Thanks @vegasultrarunner Follow my race organization here: Destination Trail we have a bunch of races just...
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First podcast recorded!! Thank you @courtneydauwalter for being my guinea pi— I mean guest, first ever guest on my new show, @humansofultrarunning! I wanted to start with a BANG 💥...
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A lot of people think I created 200 mile races. More accurately, I’d say I popularized them and legitimatized the distance as a standard ultra distance by making three...
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Message de Candice Burt du 01-11-2018Le 01-11-2018 :
“Every time they told me no I just got stronger” —Lady Gaga
Pretty much. Just ask my parents I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I’ve been called stubborn many,...
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