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Adversity: when you’re like “this sucks” and then you just...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 05-12-2018 03:00:55 :
Adversity: when you’re like “this sucks” and then you just have to laugh at life and yourself because you purposefully put yourself in that place and time. I had one of those runs in the snow the other day (these pics are from today, but on this day it was snowing HARD). Usually with snow, you don’t get as wet as you do with rain but this day the flakes were wet and HUGE and heavy and they just melted on me, every single one. I was soaked 5 miles into a 13 mile day, all 3 layers of clothing, and my eyes kept getting covered with snow. I was blowing air upwards to clear the snowflakes from my eyelashes, trying to see. It was sort of working but I thought, why didn’t I wear a hat with a brim?! Every snowflake that dive bombed my eyes felt like a personal attack. My hands were so wet and cold I worried I’d get frostbite and have to stop at someone’s house and ask for help, but help was at least 40 minutes down the mountain. I had my hands clenched in my gloves, the fingers of the gloves now fingerless and dangling and flopping to the rhythm of my running. They were totally soaked and they weighed down and the cold just transferred right through the thin material to my painfully cold hands. And it was then that I spontaneously laughed, it was more of a noise that just came out of me than anything else and it surprised me. But the joy I felt was undeniable, I was so blessed and filled with gratitude, cursing every damn snowflake but still loving each moment. The moment struck me as particularly funny because I knew I was going to remember it fondly despite the adversity. Better gloves next time 😂 🧤 #runnersofinstagram #altrarunning #spAltra Altra Running Ultimate Direction #selfpropelled

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