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Our heartbreak and pain define, and I’d even say enhance,...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 05-12-2018 21:18:24 :
Our heartbreak and pain define, and I’d even say enhance, our joy. With great love comes great heartbreak. With life comes death. With youth comes old age. It’s false to think these forces oppose each other though, rather they bring meaning and value to each other. I was looking at my sweet dogs and thinking about how difficult it will be someday to say good bye to them. We must allow ourselves to become vulnerable to love and to be joyous. Let’s take love. Love is a powerful emotion, expression and experience. You can’t truly love without the pain of heartbreak... eventually. Sometimes it’s death by a thousand cuts as lovers grow apart and eventually split. Sometimes your best friend, your dog, or your partner dies and the heartbreak is a result of losing their physical presence. At some point, we must all say goodbye. It is this truth that makes this moment so much more meaningful though isn’t it? Without heartbreak, loss, change and impermanence there is no meaning given to the great joys in life, no depth of emotion in our lives. Loss and pain defines and enhances the happy moments in a way that is hard to overstate. Without difficulty, challenges and pain, there is no meter at which to measure our joy. This is true in reverse as well, without joy and love, there is no measurement for suffering. In suffering’s ideal expression, comes a deeper compassion, empathy and understanding of the world and our fellow beings. “May you live all the days of your life.” ~ Jonathan Swift
Altra Olympus shoes pictured, great for road miles and longer excursions. Or for people like me who have some pain in their feet as they have a good deal more padding to absorb some of the impact. I have pain because I pulled something underfoot recently and it’s been causing some pain when running in more minimal shoes. #altrarunning #spAltra #altrarunning

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