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Candice Burt

Candice BurtFollow my obsessive approach to the outdoors http://www.wilddefined.com
Ultra Runner & Adventurer
Website : http://www.destinationtrailrun.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/runcandice/

Message de Candice Burt du 30-05-2019Le 30-05-2019 :
I use running as a way of exploring and experiencing the world, to push myself to learn more about any place I am traveling to whether it be city of...
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Le 30-05-2019 :
Go on over to Instagram for a chance to win a Kogalla light, a $149 value 😍 https://instagram.com/p/ByEJ-ZPHUws/

Message de Candice Burt du 28-05-2019Le 28-05-2019 :
The things you do in life with no expectation to get something back for what you give are the most fulfilling. That’s the true definition of volunteering. A few years...
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Message de Candice Burt du 27-05-2019Le 27-05-2019 :
Happiness only increases when shared with others. Celebrate your neighbor’s, competitor’s, friend’s success and happiness as though it were your own. Share your love and happiness like the spring rains...
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Message de Candice Burt du 25-05-2019Le 25-05-2019 :
I’ll be publishing my own article about how to work with land management to create your own trail work day and some resources for people who want to volunteer. These...
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Message de Candice Burt du 24-05-2019Le 24-05-2019 :
Today I ran up the mountains near my house. Isn’t it beautiful? This is the world class Enchantments. There’s still some snow up above 5,000 ft. I played in it...
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Message de Candice Burt du 22-05-2019Le 22-05-2019 :
There are no flaws, only adaptations to this incredible journey we call life. Your body has formed itself to your life, your activities and does the best it can with...
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Message de Candice Burt du 21-05-2019Le 21-05-2019 :
I made a up-close-and-personal Podcast of my Delirious WEST 200 mile (219mi/350km) ... over 200 miles non stop through the Australian Outback a Race that includes recordings before and during...
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Message de Candice Burt du 19-05-2019Le 19-05-2019 :
Rest is when your body builds back up from the breakdown of training. Without proper rest and recovery during high intensity or high mileage training, you will not see proper...
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Message de Candice Burt du 18-05-2019Le 18-05-2019 :
Yesterday I ran up and down a mountain and it felt great! I think we often worry when we are sidelined that we are missing out, getting out of shape,...
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Message de Candice Burt du 17-05-2019Le 17-05-2019 :
If anything will make you believe in magic, it’s sleep deprivation! One of the most fantastical, weird, and memorable times in my life was running 225 miles on Australia’s West...
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Message de Candice Burt du 17-05-2019Le 17-05-2019 :
Albert Einstein said that the measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Changing ... adapting ... yielding are not signs of weakness but rather necessities of life and growth....
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Message de Candice Burt du 15-05-2019Le 15-05-2019 :
Awareness: You are in charge of your training, the adventure you call life, and you’re also in charge of what you choose to believe. Others opinions of the world and...
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Message de Candice Burt du 14-05-2019Le 14-05-2019 :
Encouraging the next generation has been part of my mission with my company Destination Trail since the very beginning! We’ve been working to support family participation in my races by...
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Message de Candice Burt du 13-05-2019Le 13-05-2019 :
Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women in my life and that came before me. To my sweet grandma Virginia, my sister, my friends, my mother although she is...
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Message de Candice Burt du 11-05-2019Le 11-05-2019 :
Sometimes I wonder how I’m so lucky to have stumbled into my profession, something so niche I never expected to be doing this work. I’m doing work I throughly enjoy...
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Message de Candice Burt du 11-05-2019Le 11-05-2019 :
So busy today setting up the course and welcoming runners to the @destinationtrailraces Orcas Island 50mile, Marathon, Half! Here’s a view from the Mt Constitution AID station at Sunset....
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Message de Candice Burt du 09-05-2019Le 09-05-2019 :
Painting my story with lots of mountains, roots, rocks and a heat that melts me from the inside out until I sweat out all remnants of daily life and all...
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Message de Candice Burt du 06-05-2019Le 06-05-2019 :
Are you motivated by self loathing or self love? Do you workout to punish yourself or to compensate for how you feel about your body? Might seem like a weird...
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Message de Candice Burt du 05-05-2019Le 05-05-2019 :
"One way to get the most out of life, is to look upon it as an Adventure". —William Feather
Like a puppy 😉 North knows just how to distract me from...
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Message de Candice Burt du 04-05-2019Le 04-05-2019 :
Getting me some road biking quads and calves 💪 sorry pups... we will have to play later. Injuries suck, but I’m having fun and appreciating the journey for where it’s...
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Le 04-05-2019 :
GIVEAWAY!!! Go on over to my Instagram page for a chance to win a pair of LEKI micro trail vario poles, drawing on Monday, May 6

Message de Candice Burt du 02-05-2019Le 02-05-2019 :
Taking time to appreciate the mountains at puppy pace 🐶
Do you have a trail dog story? My podcast Humans of Ultrarunning is taking submissions! Please go to link in...
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Message de Candice Burt du 01-05-2019Le 01-05-2019 :
Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a...
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Plus d'infos sur Candice Burt

2nd HURT 100 miler, Honolulu Hawaii January 2016

1st Ultra Fiord 108 mile, Patagonia Chile, April 2015

1st place Zion 100 mile Run, Virgin, UT 2014

Fastest Known Time (FKT) Unsupported on Mt. Rainier's Wonderland Trail (93 miles solo unsupported, 2012, Washington) 31:11

Unsupported FKT Trans-Zion (48 miles, Utah, 2011)

2nd place, H.U.R.T. 100 mile Endurance Run, 2014 (Honolulu HI)

2nd place Tahoe Rim Trail 100 mile trail run, 2012 (California)

3rd place H.U.R.T. 100 mile endurance run, 2013 (Hawaii)

1st place Washington Ultra Series, 2010, 2nd place 2011
I'm an adventurer first and foremost. I am an avid trail ultrarunner, student of yoga and crazy for slack lining.

I'm here to answer the tough trail running questions like "What makes ultra runners so crazy?" Or "Why not run 200 miles in the mountains tomorrow?" Or "How can I challenge and inspire athletes next as a race director?" And "How can I stay upside down longer during power vinyasa class?" When I'm not running, writing or causing trouble, I work as a race director organizing and executing a trail race marathon/half marathon series in Washington State as well as the first single loop 200 mile trail race in the USA, the Tahoe 200, and the Bigfoot 200 mile/ 120 mile/100k races, point-to-point trail races in the Cascade Mountains. I own/operate Destination Trail, LLC, a company that organizes trail races in the USA. I'm also a student of power vinyasa yoga. I like to see the world upside down and I hope my blog helps you see it that way too.

I run for Ultimate Direction and Altra

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