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Thoughts on aging. My running colleague & friend @tinydbo posted...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 07-02-2019 19:16:22 :
Thoughts on aging. My running colleague & friend @tinydbo posted today about aging. She is an amazing runner & amazing human being I look up to with admiration & respect. She crushes her competition regularly, and she’s almost 50 years old. She also has the most ripped body I’ve ever seen. She is a great follow - check out her page on Instagram. After reading what she said on aging today on her latest post, I had some thoughts as well. .
Listen ladies/men: your value as a human being has nothing to do with what you look like. Your value has everything to do with what’s in your heart, what you give to the world and how you use the gifts you have. I turned 37 last November and it was definitely a wake up kind of birthday, like oh shit, I’m on the other side of 35... you know the close to 40 side. But here’s the thing— happiness isn’t tied to any physical earthly possessions or even our bodies. I’ve never been as happy as I am now in my life & there are so many more benefits to aging than there are downsides. Here are a few: .
We can continue to become stronger maybe not in a world record kind of strength, but we can indeed continue to improve our strength & endurance as we age because most of us will never even get close to pushing our bodies toward what is possible. Unless we are a world class elite athlete, we probably have a lot of untapped potential. Instead of thinking of aging as diminishing returns, think of it as a process where you can continue to get stronger. .
Another benefit of aging: I feel more compassion and at one with other human beings but especially with other women. When I was younger didn’t realize the benefits of having a strong tribe of female friends and supporting each other through our journeys. Now I do. .
Lastly (even though there are many other benefits): we begin to really settle into our path as we age, giving depth & meaning to our lives. When we are younger we often feel unsure about what the point of all of this is and we wonder what our passion is and what we should do with our lives. As we get older, we can realize that our path is love and our passions are usually right in front of us the whole time! Happy Thursday friends! ❤️

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