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I love making adventures out of what could be perceived...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 16-02-2019 03:23:47 :
I love making adventures out of what could be perceived as adversity. In this case, a stout 24 hr layover in LA has turned into a relaxed exploration of Santa Monica, a hot shower, and a long run on the pier. As I returned to Le Meridien Delfina Hotel finishing up my run on one of (what I hear are only 5 days of rain in this city ALL YEAR) a couple approached me as I waited for the pedestrian light to change.

It appeared that the two of them lived on the street as they carted around their belongings, and the man stopped me to say that he and his girl loved my mountain lion tattoo and were impressed to see me running in the rain. Then he said, “You gonna make money girl. Anyone who is out running in the rain like you are, you gonna make money. Now go get ‘em!” I loved this encounter because hot damn if that man and his girl weren’t right that those who do shit regardless of circumstance, they are going to go get some in life, no excuses.

I tried to tell him that I’m from Seattle and running in the rain is what we do but he wouldn’t have any of it. As I ran off through the intersection, pedestrian sign lit to “go”, he yelled after me in encouragement, “you get some girl!” So dear friends, today go get some regardless of your circumstance, and maybe pass on the kind words that this man said to me. Pass on the love to someone you don’t know and make their day! #runnersofinstagram #altrarunning #trailrunninglife #kindness #santamonica #run #running #runner #trailrunning #ultramarathon #DeliriousWEST200mileorBUST #layover

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