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200 miles into the Delirious WEST 219 mile race, with...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 01-03-2019 09:34:13 :
200 miles into the Delirious WEST 219 mile race, with virtually no sleep. I took two 5 minute dirt naps earlier in the race, just to reset my eyes. This was on the last beach section to the second to last aid station. @solagkev was pacing me and we had just climbed up a beach bluff cliff to descend through spiders, thick brush and “off trail”. We had been told we could take one of two routes at this location. First option was to climb up the cliff which we were told had a trail (nope it didn’t) or go around the point along the beach through the rocks. Being that the aid station captain(?) said no one else had climbed the cliff I went for it. Deliriousness may have played a role as well as my well documented stubbornness. This was just the kind of cliff that I’d climb as a kid, straight up, grabbing onto loose plants and roots that hung out of the cliff wall, sandy and precarious footholds... by the time I realized it was a BAD idea I was halfway up and Kevin was right behind me, ready to catch my tired and worn out body should I slip and the height and drop to the rocky beach below sobering my floating head, the same head that was seeing kelp as enormous insects, the stars roaring dizzyingly above me and palaces in the trees. Lucky to have not fallen to my death, I later thought perhaps that route was just a joke (pretty sure a bad one at that) but having made it up and down safely I continued on, as one must in such a race, and not too much worse for the wear. #runnersofinstagram #deliriouswest200

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I found a kangaroo at the Delirious WEST 200 miler, my life is complete 🤗 🦘💜 ♥️ (Mile 213 of the 219 mile race)
Photo Sharon Chetwynd
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