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Post 200 Mile Thoughts 💭 I finished the Delirious WEST...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 05-03-2019 19:58:05 :
Post 200 Mile Thoughts 💭
I finished the Delirious WEST 200 Miler 1.5 weeks ago. Immediately after I felt so wired from being up for 3 nights that I wasn’t sure how I’d get some sleep, but sleep came easily. My legs actually didn’t hurt too bad, there was some stiffness but not injury or pain. I was walking normally 24hrs after finishing. My feet were really good albeit for a blister under my big toe from kicking roots. Thanks @altrarunning Timp 1.5 For keeping my feet happy and f-you roots for biting my toe so many times!! For the first 5 days post race I would feel like napping every few hours but mostly powered through the fatigue trying to take a nap once a day or so. I wore @injinji compression socks for all traveling for a couple days after the race. Now, 1.5 week out, I feel really, very surprisingly good and normal. My body appears to have bounced back fast, but I’m being cautious because sometimes it seems that way and the recovery needs to go deep. I took 9 days off from all running (only walking and light cross training) The biggest thing is my appetite is still coming on strong and I feel hungry all the time. I always give myself a few days to pig out post big race, but it’s been long enough now that I’m trying to get my diet back to healthy: no sugar, lots of vegetables, Whole Foods, (trying) to cut back on snacking after 8pm. The last 5 days I’ve put over 30 miles in on my treadmill desk (walking) and over 2 hrs on my rowing machine. I’m back doing general body strength work and light Weight lifting (no legs yet!). My upper body feels weak - I’ve definitely backtracked from pre-race upper body strength, probably cannibalized some muscle. Overall, I’d say WOW recovery has been far easier and faster than expected. I can’t wait to do another 200+ mile race! #200isthenew100 #trailrunninglife #runnersofinstagram deliriouswest200 #runner

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