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I’ve always felt like you don’t have to have it...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 17-04-2019 22:43:59 :
I’ve always felt like you don’t have to have it all if you have passion. Passion and purpose. Having it all: the right job, the right home, the right lover, the right whatever... is a lot of stuff to manage! Certainly we can see this is true with possessions. When you get too much stuff, it begins to weight you down, takes time to manage and ultimately brings down your quality of life. It’s ok to have a few great things in your life and to not have everything figured out. I think a great myth of society is that “one day if I work hard, I’ll have it all.” The myth being that “having it all” is ideal. Happiness lies in each moment, whether or not you have everything figured out, it’s still there for you. .
Passion doesn’t ever go away, but it can wax and wan, like the moon and when the energy is strong you can accomplish a lot. There’s a natural ebb and flow that’s part of being an athlete, a business owner and a human. There’s also a time in our lives that I’d liken to a spring cleaning. The winds blow hard, rain pours down and you have to admit there’s a proper storm! That’s my life these past few months and it’s only now that I see it. I see how the storm is cleaning away all the stagnant things in my life: beliefs, limitations and people. I’m always in the process of learning what is best for me and what I’m looking for in my life and the people I surround myself with. And through this process also learning to be a better human. To be more kind, compassionate and to find ways of being of service to others. There’s nothing more humbling than to step into someone else’s world and realize all that you are grateful for in yours. .
Feeling emotions is important. I used to try to numb emotions with drugs and alcohol. I’ll tell you this only works in the short term and eventually you must pay them back and experience them. You cannot numb yourself forever. Allow emotions their time. Let them go. Which brings me back to the idea of happiness. I think happiness for me is knowing that the choices I make impact my life and that in taking responsibility for my life I have the power to move forward with purpose, harnessing my passion!

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