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Awareness: You are in charge of your training, the adventure...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 15-05-2019 18:45:18 :
Awareness: You are in charge of your training, the adventure you call life, and you’re also in charge of what you choose to believe. Others opinions of the world and of you are a reflection of them, not you. It’s hard to see this when we believe that the world revolves around us. It doesn’t. Very little is actually about you or me. .
When I find myself getting upset or angry about what someone has said about me it is because deep down I believe them. I believe their story and so their words hurt me. Something in what they say triggers me, triggers my fears and insecurities. .
We can’t get angry or upset about something we don’t believe. I practice allowing others to have their opinions and choosing to let those opinions reflect back on them. I practice this everyday. Getting upset or angry at someone’s words is an opportunity to grow. .
Why am I upset? Why do I believe their story about me? How can becoming aware of my beliefs about myself change these beliefs positively? .
People make lots of stories about the world around them based on their own personal experience. As we realize that everything in the world is NOT about us, and that’s a good thing, we can receive this negativity as a gift. .
When we feel triggered instead of getting angry we can have compassion for the other person and we can recognize the falsities we believe about ourselves. The gift is bringing light to these negative beliefs within ourselves. Awareness is key. .
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