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Yesterday I ran up and down a mountain and it...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 18-05-2019 17:20:56 :
Yesterday I ran up and down a mountain and it felt great! I think we often worry when we are sidelined that we are missing out, getting out of shape, losing valuable time to train. As I ran up the mountain I was amazed at the ease I had in running that steep grade: breath in, breath out, feet tap, tap, tapping the ground. .
Short strides, leaning into the side of the mountain close enough I could smell the dry ground, the scent of a long winter under snow just melted out and the musky, syrup smell of flowers on each gust of the wind. Like a lover I’d missed so much. The trees at the top of the mountain roaring with the spring gusts that were whipping right through the Wenatchee River Canyon. .
I wondered if my sports bra and short shorts would be enough to stay warm along the trail on the top of the mountain. But the wind ripping through the trees was not as intense as it sounded— I lesson I’ve often learned in nature and the opposite end of the ridge, with views of the entire valley, was somewhat calm in comparison. .
At the top of the ridge after running every step on the way up, my smile reflected the joy and satisfaction of months of training, sweat, and long evenings rowing, biking, lifting weights. I was running, finally... free... and it never felt like I’d been anywhere else. The joy was still there and despite my fears of losing something with the long recovery from injury, I felt stronger than ever. .
Biking had made my legs strong and my cadence had improved. Biking requires a lot of power, and I’d developed more power in my legs through hundreds of miles day after day. Like so many things in life, what seems bad on the surface: the strong wind, the sidelining injury was in fact just just another way to explore, another way to grow and develop and finally I was thankful for the opportunity to challenge myself through the injury. .
Although I’m not completely in the free and clear yet, I’ll need to slowly build up to avoid re-injury, this is an exciting step toward my big summer running goals. @altrarunning @ultimatedirectionusa @spring_energy @runinrabbit #ultrarunner #altrarunning #rabbitelitetrail #teamaltra #springenergy #springtribe

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