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Rest is when your body builds back up from the...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 19-05-2019 16:37:47 :
Rest is when your body builds back up from the breakdown of training. Without proper rest and recovery during high intensity or high mileage training, you will not see proper gains. If you rest, but not rest enough you will slowly withdraw more savings than you’ve deposited. If you don’t rest and you just push, push, push all the time you will very likely red line and create damage in your body that affects all your systems. You may get injured or have a number of running related niggles. This is what happens in over training syndrome. How do you know if you’re resting enough? Ask yourself this: do you have two puppies sleeping on your lap on your rest day? No? Work harder at resting then!

But in all seriousness, a balance of rest vs. training is difficult to navigate, especially if you’re walking the edge between elite running/high volume or intensity training and injury. For most people, getting too close to that edge is not worth it. To know if you’re getting enough rest consider these recovery strategies/insights and whether you are doing them:

1. Are you taking one full rest day each week, no workouts?

2. Do you take a day off per 10 miles of racing after a tough race?

3. Do you sleep 8+ hrs a night?

4. Do you fuel your body for exercise? Don’t starve yourself or eat poor quality foods/junk.

5. Watch your stress levels and lower your training intensity and duration as your life stress increases.

6. Notice if you are getting irritable, losing your sex drive, not getting enough sleep, and/or feeling overwhelmed. Adjust workouts accordingly. Less is more when your life is busy!

As my coach says, “your body doesn’t know the difference between training stress and life stress.” When life stress is high, adjust your mileage and intensity. #ultrarunner #runnersofinstagram #altrarunning #ultrarunning #humansofultrarunning #run #runner #trailrunning #rest #recovery #injury #ots #overtraining

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