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Work day! How do you make your work tolerable? Do...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 17-06-2019 18:17:15 :
Work day! How do you make your work tolerable? Do you enjoy your job? It’s easy to glorify work you don’t do, to look at other people’s lives and wish you could do what they do. I think the truth is all jobs suck. All jobs suck at least some of the time. It’s pretty often I’m told by people that they’d love to do what I do and get to spend time outdoors and running. But the hard truth is that my work usually requires me to work indoors and on a computer. That’s why I have this treadmill desk— I can easily get in 15-25 miles a day just walking! In fact 90% of my work is desk work: phone calls, website building, spreadsheets, emails, social media, marketing, working with sponsors and employees because I am a businesswoman and my work is a business. I don’t get to run all day or workout all day and play. I fit it in because I have to for my sanity and it’s often hard to do during busy days and race season working at my desk. My main work is my race organization business Destination Trail with 10 events throughout the year consisting of over 700 miles of trails, thousands of runners, mind boggling logistics and endless permits. Lucky for me I have an awesome team that makes up the business including Kristal, Riley, Samantha, Todd and a number of other folks. I also manage a few smaller businesses on the side, my podcast Humans of Ultrarunning, my competitive running, and some rentals making me one busy entrepreneur! There is no such thing as balance, but I have learned to take time for myself and for my kids, as business is always hungry for attention and will eat you alive if you don’t have boundaries. #runnersofinstagram #ultrarunner #humansofultrarunning #run #treadmill #treadmilldesk #walkandwork #RDlife #racedirector #trailrunning #trailrunner #business #entrepreneur #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurwoman

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