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More of your questions! One common question is DIET! This...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 27-06-2019 23:04:15 :
More of your questions! One common question is DIET! This is a complicated question, much like trying to tell you what the best training plan is. There is no perfect diet for everyone. I have no magic bullet that will allow you to stay Race fit, injury free and happy. Here are my tips based on my experiences and fails as an athlete: .
1. Be kind to yourself. When you deny cravings and cut calories too drastically you can initiate binging and unhealthy patterns. It’s better to enjoy what you eat than to make it into a cycle of guilt and punishment. It’s ok not to be perfect! It’s ok to have foods you eat bc you enjoy them. Many of us deprive ourselves the joy and still eat the foods we feel are bad for us. To be your fittest and happiest self you have to accept who you are now. You have to love yourself. You can’t maintain a healthy diet out of self loathing. All diets should begin w/self love and acceptance. From there you can begin to craft a diet that serves you— and creates happiness. .
2. Forget fad diets. They work in the short term but many fad diets are unhealthy. It’s not worth buying into someone’s diet and many of these fad diets are just gross grabs for money. If it seems like a diet is a “food religion” it’s probably going to be unhealthy in the long term. .
3. Eat real foods. I believe diet is as simple as eating basic real, whole foods. What I mean is eat as many non-packaged, few ingredient foods as possible like fruits, vegis, whole grains, meat, fish, beans, nuts etc. To save time you can still get quick to prepare foods, like microwave whole grain rice. .
4. Make your unhealthy cravings healthy. Replace traditional unhealthy foods w/ “healthy” alternatives. For example, if you like sweets stock your home with in-season fruit, dark chocolate, and other healthy alternatives. .
4. Stop restricting calories. Fuel your training. You need to eat enough to have energy to train. To get to race weight my technique is to cut things like sugar, extra carbs like bread (keep whole grains), alcohol, 2nd servings in the 2-3 weeks before your key event but don’t cut while training hard! #diet
📸 Pic: awards from winning Delirious WEST200

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