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Travel is fun AND stressful especially when combined with racing....

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 06-07-2019 20:02:19 :
Travel is fun AND stressful especially when combined with racing. Not only is it difficult to deal with time changes, you can often run into issues with luggage, airport delays, and other problems. Here are a few of my tips for traveling/racing: .
1. Don’t overpack. Keep it simple. Having too much stuff will stress you out. This is the toughest tip for me to follow as I always think I’m going to do more than I actually do, maybe I’ll go dancing after that 200mi ultra... prob not happening 😂 .
2. Don’t pack anything you haven’t worn in a while. Sometimes we pack clothing or running items because we think I we might need them. If you’ve gone months without them, you’ll be fine skipping them when traveling. You’re probably only going to want your most comfortable gear and the tried and true items. .
3. Pack your racing essentials in your carry on. You’ll thank me when your bags get lost en route! I was very lucky to have done this (well mostly) for my race at Delirious WEST 200 bc my bags arrived the night before the race and I almost had to rely on what was in one carry on for a 200 mile race. Eek 😬 .
4. Rule of 2: chances are you don’t need more than 2 of any one item unless you’re talking underware or socks! Bring items that go easily with other items so you aren’t needing to bring a different jacket or shoes for different outfits. .
5. Plan your sleep: sleep when you can whether it be on the plane, train, or bus. I always bring noise canceling headphones and ear plugs. INVEST IN GOOD HEADPHONES! .
6. Keep your backpack/carry on packed w/healthy snacks. Avoid sugar, empty calories & unhealthy foods as much as possible. I also wait until I’m hungry to eat while traveling to avoid that stagnant feeling of overeating. It’s easy to eat too much when traveling bc we are often bored/sedentary. .
7. Limit stimulants: sugar & caffeine are fine in small amounts but leaning too heavily on these items will leave you feeling bad over the long haul. .
8. Get in your run (or hike) every day to avoid having heavy legs race day
#traveltips #travel 📸 Northcliffe, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 w/RaceDirector extraordinaire Shaun Kaesler @ultraserieswa

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