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@spring_energy has been a game changer. I’ve tried a lot...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 21-07-2019 20:35:28 :
@spring_energy has been a game changer. I’ve tried a lot of other products and this is the FIRST year I’ve raced with almost no stomach issues. Now when I get nauseous in a race it’s because I haven’t eaten enough, not because I had too many gels or the wrong combo of foods. Regular gels can give you bad intestinal problems later in a Race or for days afterward, but these do not. In daily life I’m careful to fuel my body with real foods: fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains so why would I fuel for a race with junk foods/sweets? Ok, if you hand me pizza 🍕 I’m partaking, but that’s a good fuel source too. I’ve been racing and training with Spring Energy — which is 100% real food. It also tastes great. The consistency is like a smoothie, it goes down easily and is packed with enough calories (90-235 per packet) that you won’t have to be constantly eating. I usually take 1-2 per hour and have found that I can eat even more than my usual 200-250 calories an hour with Spring. It just digests super well for me. When I go for a run now I feel like I’m adding to my healthy activity by fueling with foods that give me sustained energy and keep my body feeling good. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel good when I eat too much sugar or empty calories— even if I’m running a ton! You can try Spring for 10% off with my code: candice

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runcandiceFollow my obsessive approach to the outdoors http://www.wilddefined.com
Ultra Runner & Adventurer

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You can create family and community everywhere you go by giving without expectation and also by crewing at Badwater 135 😂 Congrats to my sister @dirtdiva333 on her magnificent finish!...
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Message de Candice Burt du 12-07-2019Le 12-07-2019 :
Repeat Offender.
1st Place: Delirious WEST 200, Zion 100, Ultra Fiord 100.

2nd Place: HURT 100, HURT 100, Tahoe Rim Trail 100, Teanaway 100

3rd Place: HURT 100

4th: HURT 100

Survived: Cascade Crest...
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Message de Ruth Croft du 21-07-2019Disappointed to see a great racing day at @dolomythsrun tainted by a reoccurring topic in our sport.
Elite presentation of the men only in the VK, and a bonus for breaking...
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