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I don’t often post about my races, but I’m so...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 22-07-2019 23:01:01 :
I don’t often post about my races, but I’m so proud of this race! My team and I are working really hard to have everything ready for Aug 9. Course marking starts Sunday. We put everything, even our hearts & souls into this race. This is our 2019 @destinationtrailraces Bigfoot 200 mile Endurance Run finisher print. The photo was taken by the talented @scottrokisphoto, one of our 3 professional photographers that we hire to make sure you have a whole series of stunning photos from this adventure of a lifetime. The photographers (shout out also to @howiesternphoto ) get about as much sleep as the runners they work so hard. As we move into the next few weeks of full time, stressful, anxiety provoking and logistical nightmarish weeks (we also organize the Tahoe 200 in September and Moab240 in October 😱😱) I’d like to thank all my volunteers past and present, you guys are incredible. Truly. I can’t thank you enough, too many to mention without forgetting some key folks. Those of you who keep coming back to help, you are a special kind of awesome and it’s why our events are so successful. I’d like to thank my medical team led by @dirtbagmedic and my HAM communication team. I’d like to thank my co-Director @gorgearosa who truly should get the credit for these events- at least as much as I do, and @photoadventurejunkie who can do literally anything before, during and after the events— he rescues people, course marks like your life depends on it and can make whip up a series of emails for promotions like you wouldn’t believe. A very special thanks to @sdvega2 who has taken over a lot of the permitting work and made these races possible through her hard work off site and with our race permit partners. She’s also has worked the events and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Lastly, thank you to my children who perhaps feel the sacrifice and the toll my work takes more than anyone else ♥️ and to their dad, who although we have been divorced for many years continues to co-parent with me in a way that provides an incredible support system and home life for our children!! #bigfoot200 #200isthenew100 #200miles #ultramarathon #ultrarunning #runmersofinstagram #rdlife

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runcandiceFollow my obsessive approach to the outdoors http://www.wilddefined.com
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