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My breath flows in and out as I climb higher...

Candice Burt, le texte de sa publication du 26-08-2019 20:54:51 :
My breath flows in and out as I climb higher and higher and I see the mountains breathe too: sometimes controlled like Pranayama practice in yoga, but just as often the mountains breathe in powerful gusts and sometimes, barely at all. Life is like that isn’t it? Balance is only found in that brief moment when the pendulum passes through its middle point on its way from one extreme to another, or at least from one side to the other (not always in the extreme). If you were to separate the mountains from the wind—it’s breath, from the trees and plants—it’s armor and fur, and from the animals that roam and feed off them—it’s heartbeat, they wouldn’t be mountains at all. We are also made up of many parts and all are important to our well being. Balance is the illusion we make up to focus our energies and set our goals. It’s ok to be focused in Pranayama, but also ok to be gusting strong or barely imperceptibly breathing, lightly so the summer can have its time too when it’s warmth radiates and takes center stage. We are made up of many parts.

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