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Before a few months ago, I could hardly run uphill....

Cat Bradley, le texte de sa publication du 04-03-2019 15:25:49 :
Before a few months ago, I could hardly run uphill. Seriously. Due to a car accident in 2015 and mechanical issues, my calves would scream at the slightest incline causing chronic lower leg issues. It shows in my body with very over developed calf muscles and underdeveloped quads, glutes and hamstrings. In the last few months, I decided to get to the bottom of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms, starting with relearning how to run uphill. Check out the think in my bio for my latest article with @btrtoday on how to get up that mountain pain free. #timetoplay @salomon 📸 @aaroncolussi


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Message de Cat Bradley du 02-03-2019Le 02-03-2019 :
If only HS me flipping through @runnersworldmag new that I'd be giving the training tips 😉 You rock my socks KG , better rest up for next weekend! #timetoplay...
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Message de Cat Bradley du 28-02-2019Le 28-02-2019 :
Craving sunshine on my skin #timetoplay @salomon 📸 @mollysnugent
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Message de Cat Bradley du 25-02-2019Le 25-02-2019 :
Running by headlamp. Always hard to get out but it's my favorite time to enjoy the trails. May seem intimidating, but with the right tools the star lite night can...
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Message de Cat Bradley du 22-02-2019Le 22-02-2019 :
Plantar Fasciitis Self Treatment : My PT Heafner Health Physical Therapy is a freaking rockstar. A month ago, I had PRP due to a partial PF tear. Now I'm back...
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Message de Cat Bradley du 20-02-2019Le 20-02-2019 :
Race nutrition has always been the bane of my performance. At the 2017 Western States 100, my last calorie was at Green Gate. When I broke the R2R2R FKT later...
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