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You voted, so now what? . The blue wave in the House...

Clare Gallagher, le texte de sa publication du 05-12-2018 15:14:05 :
You voted, so now what?
The blue wave in the House of Representatives could be called a Green Wave. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is gearing up for a #GreenNewDeal, with other smart and forward-thinking reps. Look forward to 2019. And this week, five current BI-PARTISAN reps just introduced the Carbon Dividend Act, the most significant climate change legislation in a decade. And in the Senate, Jeff Merkley introduced a resolution to address the ever-concerning reality of IPCC climate change projections, co-signed by 24 other senators, including Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado. Waiting for Senator Cory Gardner to wake up and follow suit.
I’ve written a blog about forest fires, climate change and trail running and why all of the above is more crucial for the world than ever before. Join the Green movement! Look up if your legislators are working on this!

https://clare.run/2018/12/03/climate-change-forest-fires-trail-running/ Clare

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clare.gallagher.runsThey call me a trail runner. Proud ambassador for The Activist Company: Patagonia. Also thanks to Petzl, La Sportiva, Honey Stinger, and Revant Optics for keeping me running.

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