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Transvulcania 2019 74k and 4300 m+ The Bow Tie celebration 😂🎉 The...

Diego Pazos "Zpeedy", le texte de sa publication du 14-05-2019 06:45:10 :
Transvulcania 2019 74k and 4300 m+
The Bow Tie celebration 😂🎉
The end of the volcano eruption at the finish line 🌋
This experience in la Palma was amazing but very demanding as well. Two weeks after MIUT - Madeira Island Ultra Trail [115k, 7500m+], not only your legs are tired but your mind is exhausted as well. More than the physical challenge to be competitive on such big international races, I am very proud of the way I could push my mind to achieve these two wonderful adventures.
Thanks a lot to my partners for providing me the best food and the best gears in order to make possible a so fast recovery between to #ultra races.🙏🤗
Compressport : full legs and full socks
Algorigin : #nutrition plan, spirulina and AFA Klamath
Takinoa : for #healthy lunches tasty and respectful of the product
Farmy.ch: the best local fresh products 🍋🍏🥦🥒🍗
Isostar Schweiz/Suisse : for the recovery drink and for the best fueling during my competitions 🍼
Thanks Transvulcania 2019 and Skyrunning
📸Albert Jorquera
#zpeedy #BowTieRunner #compressport #isostarmoments #planetendurance #ledlenser #flexivore #healthyfood #recovery #takinoa #farmy🐔 #ultratrailrunner #trailrunning #transvulcania2019 #noeudpapillon #skyrunningworldseries #skyrunning
Ledlenser @compressportswitzerland
Planet Endurance

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DiegoPazosZpeedyMy name is Diego Pazos, follow my adventures on the trails around the world as well as my daily life to achieve my dreams #zpeedy #bowtiepower

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Top10 Podium of Transvulcania 2019
Unforgettable weekend here in La Palma 😀
Time to go back home with wonderful souvenirs and time to rest a little bit after those intense two weeks...
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Message de Diego Pazos Le 11-05-2019 :
Transvulcania 2019 Transvulcania 2019
5th place overall 🤗😀🇨🇭🇪🇦
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Message de Diego Pazos Le 11-05-2019 :
An AMAZING 5th place at Transvulcania, isla de La Palma 💪💪💪💪!!

#zpeedy #BowTieRunner #compressport #isostarmoments #planetendurance #ledlenser #h10hotels #skyrunningworldseries #transvulcania2019 #ultratrailrunner #trailrunning #Lapalma
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We are all with you 😘!!

#zpeedy #bowtierunner #compressport #isostarmoments #planetendurance #ledlenser #h10hotels #skyrunningworldseries #transvulcania2019 #ultratrailrunner #trailrunning #Lapalma
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Message de Diego Pazos Le 11-05-2019 :

#zpeedy #BowTieRunner #compressport #isostarmoments #planetendurance #ledlenser #h10hotels #skyrunningworldseries #transvulcania2019 #ultratrailrunner #trailrunning #Lapalma
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