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Still a little green around the gills but it felt...

Dylan Bowman, le texte de sa publication du 23-01-2019 18:42:29 :
Still a little green around the gills but it felt so good to get some cold fresh air on Aspen Mountain this morning. I think I’ll spend the next few weeks mostly on skis as I figure out the best path forward this season. Thanks to all who messaged/commented on my last post regarding gut health in general and while traveling. Lots of good advice that I’m pondering and implementing. Hope you’re all having a great week. ❤️✌🏻
#aspen #colorado #skimo #skiuphill #neverstopexploring

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dylanjboPerpetuator of stoke. Appreciator of endurance.

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Message de Dylan Bowman du 19-01-2019Le 19-01-2019 :
Ultra running is hard. I arrived in Hong Kong a week ago and almost immediately came down with a serious stomach bug that incapacitated me for a couple days and...
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Shred ready for #HK100! Always a pleasure to take part in the Ultra-Trail World Tour in a beautiful place with many world class athletes. If you’re keen to follow, I...
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Message de Dylan Bowman du 17-01-2019Le 17-01-2019 :
Hit the stair master with these two legends this morning. ✌🏻🇭🇰
#hongkong #trailrunning #hk100 #ultratrail #runsteepgethigh #ultrarunning #utwt #neverstopexploring
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Message de Dylan Bowman du 15-01-2019Le 15-01-2019 :
Getting primed for this weekend’s #HK100! Unfortunately, I managed to get myself extremely ill again, but after two days in bed I’m feeling a lot better. Should be shred ready...
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Message de Dylan Bowman du 13-01-2019Le 13-01-2019 :
Honored to be recognized as #4 on this year’s Ultra Runner of the Year voting! Thanks to all who’ve supported me throughout my career, especially Coach @jasonkoop, my family, and...
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