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We wish you all a merry christmas filled with love...

Emelie Forsberg, le texte de sa publication du 24-12-2018 13:32:48 :
We wish you all a merry christmas filled with love and happiness ❤️

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tinaemelieTrailrunner in summer, skimountaineer in winter but most of the time just a mountain lover!

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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 23-12-2018Le 23-12-2018 :
This is one of my favourite photos ever. It was full moon, and just before I went for a short afternoon jog along the fjord. The motivation can be lower...
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 21-12-2018Le 21-12-2018 :
During the darkest day of the year it’s nice to look back to the longest days with 24 hour of sun. Here’s some of the magic during my kungsleden #kingstrail...
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 20-12-2018Le 20-12-2018 :
As well as my ski day, another year starts to come to an end, and keeping track of the training can be really fun! I have enjoyed writing like little...
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 19-12-2018Le 19-12-2018 :
This is my all time favourite winter village where the most beautiful x country tracks are made! They wander through a beautiful valley surrounded by majestic mountains. I really enjoy...
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 18-12-2018Le 18-12-2018 :
Powered by renewable energy- Kia Motors Sweden !
Some days to ski, but some days to the gym, even though I prefer skiing gym feels so good right now. I dont...
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Grégory VolletGrégory Vollet
24-12-2018 13:06:57

Message de Grégory Vollet du 24-12-2018Ho!Ho!Ho! Merry Christmas!
I wish you all the best to you and your family!
Have a good trail run for Santa, looks like he need to do some sports 😉
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Gediminas GriniusGediminas Grinius
24-12-2018 09:58:29

Message de Gediminas Grinius du 24-12-2018My athlete path was full of ups & downs, which is pretty normal, as I started to climb the biggest mountain of my life and took absolutelly new and challenging...
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Anna FrostAnna Frost
24-12-2018 08:22:04

Message de Anna Frost du 24-12-2018Our first day swimming in the sea this summer! Happy Christmas Eve! Give someone something this festive season, a smile or a hug is even more than we can often...
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Salomon RunningSalomon Running
24-12-2018 08:00:02

Message de Salomon Running du 24-12-2018Que recebas sempre de presente continuar a ser criança no Natal. Feliz Natal! É #TimeToPlay
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Philipp ReiterPhilipp Reiter
24-12-2018 07:08:50

Message de Philipp Reiter du 24-12-2018It's not about presents and gifts, it's about coming together, celebrating with family & friends, remembering the funny moments and enjoying the good times - Merry Christmas and happy holidays...
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