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It aint fast, but oh I enjoy! This is my...

Emelie Forsberg, le texte de sa publication du 17-01-2019 06:36:30 :
It aint fast, but oh I enjoy! This is my uphill pace these days! Starting with headlamp and finishing with sunrise. So good to start the day like this! SILVA Global Here I’m using a very light scout rc headlamp.

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tinaemelieTrailrunner in summer, skimountaineer in winter but most of the time just a mountain lover!

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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 16-01-2019Le 16-01-2019 :
Thank you so much for coming and meeting me on my book release yesterday ❤️ Links to all languages is on my webpage emelieforsberg.com ! Currently in Swedish, Norwegian, English,...
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 14-01-2019Le 14-01-2019 :
Let’s start the week with a little jog/wogg! Mine will not be either fast or pretty, but I will enjoy the movement!
Wish you a good one 😘 #suunto9 Suunto
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 11-01-2019Le 11-01-2019 :
Throwback to a little run in the Himalayas where I hit the wall and even in the last downhill to the hut I needed to sit down every other step...
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 10-01-2019Le 10-01-2019 :
Barcelona here I come!

Hola! Estic molt contenta de venir a Barcelona a presentar el meu llibre! Us espero! ❤️

¡Hola! Estoy muy contenta de venir a Barcelona para presentar mi...
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 08-01-2019Le 08-01-2019 :
I remember so well when the beginning of trail races started in Sweden. 2009 ish! We where few, it was new and it was so fun! The ambience was great...
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Diego Pazos Diego Pazos "Zpeedy"
17-01-2019 05:55:01

Message de Diego Pazos While preparing my 2019 racing calendar
little boy is learning so fast..he is now walking! 😀
OK This is more like a late saturday night drunk walk but step by step he...
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Sage CanadaySage Canaday
17-01-2019 05:01:55

Message de Sage Canaday du 17-01-2019So there’s this ultra marathon in South Africa that has been going on for 93 years. It runs on rolling pavement hills between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg...which is...
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Message de Shannon-Leigh - Endurance Athlete du 17-01-201943km down today, 7 km to go running
Beauty Christchurch day 💜
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Krissy MoehlKrissy Moehl
17-01-2019 01:26:22

Message de Krissy Moehl du 17-01-2019I’d love it if east siders joined us tonight! REI Bellevue has comfy camp chairs and I brought swag and books. .
Training for Trails: 5k to 100 miles 🏃🏽‍♀️...
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Joseph GrayJoseph Gray
17-01-2019 01:08:18

Message de Joseph Gray du 17-01-2019Was sitting down chatting with some non-running friends recently and someone made the comment about "making it look easy". I thought back on a moment in college with my coach...
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