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Any day now, and we can´t wait to have you...

Emelie Forsberg, le texte de sa publication du 10-03-2019 08:31:40 :
Any day now, and we can´t wait to have you here. I never could imagine this journey would be as magical, inspiring, teaching and special as it has been. I will miss my baby bump, I feel so perfect, yes! Perfect in a way I have never felt before, like nothing else matter. In the beginning I was afraid for so many things, like to feel that I missed out on all the things I wanted to do or if I would feel not ready. I don´t know if we ever be ready and I have no answers to anything, we will just be, and we will just adapt. But I´m pretty sure life will be as magic as it can be.

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tinaemelieTrailrunner in summer, skimountaineer in winter but most of the time just a mountain lover!

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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 08-03-2019Le 08-03-2019 :
Do you know your city? For sure Rickey Gates do now! He ran all the streets of San Francisco- and here’s the inspiring recap of it!
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 07-03-2019Le 07-03-2019 :
Athlete; yes; smallfarmer; yes! The best super market is the veggie garden or just the wild garden with all the herbs and weeds to eat ❤️ To cook meals with...
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Not this year..! But last year I spent some long nice days out skiing in our backyard! Here tour the ”moonvalley”. Today the #verticalweek with Suunto begins! Every country collect...
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 01-03-2019Le 01-03-2019 :
Happy weekend ❤️ Enjoy yours 😘 I started mine like this; a little easier ski tour with Maui. And believe it or not I can still wear Kilians jackets! 🤰🏼
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Message de Emelie Forsberg du 25-02-2019Le 25-02-2019 :
With both expectation and nervousness, I look forward to work my way back to try race shape. The doubter in me says that it will take a long long time,...
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Message de Stephanie Case du 10-03-2019Canadian Running Magazine : Congratulations!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Record broken by over a minute. I’m told this is a lot in marathon terms 😆
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10-03-2019 05:06:55

runromsdal.xn--comhlne-6xah : 想去挪威跑越野嗎?有興趣的話,我的朋友可以當地陪。

If you are interested in running in Romsdal, Norway this summer check out Colin Thornton and Hélène's website for guided mountain and trail running in the area.

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Message de Anna Frost du 10-03-2019The Japanese culture, landscape and connection has always been so intriguing to me. When Rickey Gates and I went to visit we knew we had found something special we wanted...
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Message de Shannon-Leigh - Endurance Athlete du 10-03-2019Thanks to all who have reserved a place.
Still a few details to sort before tickets go on sale, will post this week and email you!
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