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Gary Robbins

Gary RobbinsSometimes I run over mountains and into sunrises.
Salomon / Suunto / Princeton Tec / Drymax Socks / Endurance Tap / Trail Butter / Squirrel's Nut Butter
Website : http://www.garyrobbins.ca
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/garyrobbinsrun/

Le 18-04-2019 :
Followed a beautiful girl through a magical forest this morning ♥️🌲

Le 18-04-2019 :
One step closer to being a runner again. Back out on the trails where I belong, on my mountain bike for the time being.

After following strict doctors orders for...

Message de Gary Robbins du 17-04-2019Le 17-04-2019 :
It was a wet and wild one out there at the 23rd annual Diez Vista 50k Trail Race race on the weekend, but that didn’t discourage people from tackling the...
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Le 13-04-2019 :
Diez Vista 50k goes tomorrow and the mosses are glowing from the recent rains. (Pic taken during course flagging yesterday) Yes it was beautiful weather today, no it will not...

Message de Gary Robbins du 11-04-2019Le 11-04-2019 :
Life level ninja unlock.

When you toss your car keys on a coat hook and turn around a minute later to realize you've inadvertently created a perfect pendulum.
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Le 10-04-2019 :
I was a runner once, and I’ll be a runner again soon. Best case scenario looks to be about one more month before getting back at things, though a follow...

Message de Gary Robbins du 10-04-2019Le 10-04-2019 :
I have the great pleasure to announce that I’ve been able to link up with POW Canada as an athlete ambassador. I am super excited to join such a deeply...
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Le 08-04-2019 :
11 years living in the city of North Vancouver. As excited as I am for our new start out in Chilliwack, I'll miss absolutely everything about this great city. I'm...

Message de Gary Robbins du 06-04-2019Le 06-04-2019 :
Cherry picking some of my favourite Chilliwack adventure imagery, while dreaming of all that’s now available to us out our back door this summer.

I drove past Chilliwack for nine straight...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 04-04-2019Le 04-04-2019 :
A dream realized, we are home owners! Well, we own a large mortgage at this exact moment, but that eventually ends in home ownership, and it means we’re going to...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 04-04-2019Le 04-04-2019 :
This past weekend was all about distracting myself while the Barkley Marathons was occurring.

While I had some very good friends lining up down in Tennessee, and was cheering...
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Le 02-04-2019 :
♥️💔 RIP dear friend. You were truly one of the kindest souls I've ever had the good fortune to meet, and your gifts to Linda, Reed & me, just a...

Le 01-04-2019 :
This week has been a struggle, an emotional roller coaster. There's nowhere in the world my family and I would rather be right now than in Frozen Head State Park...

Message de Gary Robbins du 30-03-2019Le 30-03-2019 :
Barkley Marathons? Never heard of it 😆

They got a friendly start time and near perfect weather. There will be finishers this year.

I can't post something on Barkley weekend without at...
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Le 24-03-2019 :
100km ride out in Chilliwack today.

Had planned a ride with my buddy Ricky, who's significantly faster than me on a bike:

Ricky, "I have a buddy who's going to...

Le 23-03-2019 :
High five to all 250+ people who left a comment in the caption contest! ✋ And the winner is...this was really hard, with no clear distinct winner but rather a...

Le 20-03-2019 :
Caption contest! Winner gets a 200 lumen @pteclights Snap headlamp! For context, this is Jenny Quilty, and she had just won and set a new course record in the Cap...

Message de Gary Robbins du 18-03-2019Le 18-03-2019 :
I damn near had tears of joy streaming down my face last night as Reed rode the ski lift for the very 1st time. He absolutely loved it and is...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 17-03-2019Le 17-03-2019 :
Saint Patrick's Day done right ☘️

350 runners out on a day that held the first taste of spring in the air, and runners subsequently had a spring in their step...
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Le 16-03-2019 :
Beautiful morning for a trail race 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️😊 #capcrusher #coastmountaintrailseries #coastmtntrail #northvan #capilanocanyon

Le 16-03-2019 :
Gonna be a while yet before getting back to running, as best case currently seems to be about mid-May. I know one thing for certain though, that first run back...

Le 15-03-2019 :
Linda showed Reed how to make and play with Oobleck. Rocky (Paw Patrol character) was in the wrong place at the wrong time man, just an innocent bystander. If you...

Le 13-03-2019 :
A lot can change in seven years. Just stumbled across this pic from the very first Cap Crusher race back in 2013. We had about 55 people out for that...

Le 07-03-2019 :
I've been feeling a little lost over this last week, since the inevitable news from my recent CT scan that I'm sidelined from running for at least a few more...

Le 28-02-2019 :
Officially, official. Follow up CT scan says at least another 8+ weeks of recovery and no running. Sacral stress fractures are no fun, and no joke. An unexpected, unplanned, unwanted...

Message de Gary Robbins du 27-02-2019Le 27-02-2019 :
Reed wants to remind you that the Suunto 9 is 20% off, in store at all Mountain Equipment Co-op locations, till the end of February...which is only about 36 hours...
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Le 27-02-2019 :
Back in December, on one of my last runs before the stress fracture, I was treated to a spectacular cloud show over the North Shore.

Message de Gary Robbins du 24-02-2019Le 24-02-2019 :
Perfect weather for our season opener yesterday! Snowflakes as large as golf balls were the talk of the day, and snowmen doubled as course marshals 😆☃️

New season, new @salomon arch,...
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Le 23-02-2019 :
Run Ridge Run is under snow yet again this year, not that that's ever stopped us from having fun though ☃️

Looking forward to the first finish line hugs and high...

Le 22-02-2019 :
Happy birthday to my beautiful wife 🎂🎈🎉 I love her and our little guy so damn much and I always treasure the days we get to spend together as a...

Message de Gary Robbins du 20-02-2019Le 20-02-2019 :
"How to take the perfect selfie in seven easy steps" by Gary and Linda Barton-Robbins.


Perfected on October 12th, 2018
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Message de Gary Robbins du 18-02-2019Le 18-02-2019 :
The latest injury update.

Given that this occurred back in December, during my social media hiatus, most people are not up to speed on this one. I've only mentioned this on...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 17-02-2019Le 17-02-2019 :
The family that orienteers together...gets lost together 😜

Orienteering Vancouver
Orienteering Canada / Course d'orientation Canada
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Le 14-02-2019 :
Big cheques are my favourite kind of cheques 😊 Thanks to Coquitlam Search and Rescue for all that they do.

This money was raised in 2018 via our Run Ridge...

Le 14-02-2019 :
"I love my wife, I love my wife, I love my wife, I love my wife." #DetailsDetailsDetails #NoHarmDone #IReallyDoLoveMyWife 😆

Message de Gary Robbins du 13-02-2019Le 13-02-2019 :
Snow day!

Also, maple syrup snow cones thanks to Endurance Tap😆
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Message de Gary Robbins du 09-02-2019Le 09-02-2019 :
Hey look, I was in a commercial with my super sexy twin brother :)

For the month of February get a steal of a deal on the Suunto 9 at MEC...
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Le 08-02-2019 :
Event season comes up in a hurry! Hard to believe we are just 16 days away from the first Coast Mountain Trail Series race of the 2019 season, and there...

Message de Gary Robbins du 07-02-2019Le 07-02-2019 :
For those who were asking, here's my reading list from the past 13 weeks.

What are you reading? What recommendations do you have?

I just started Bear Town by Fredrik Backman...
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Le 06-02-2019 :
New sponsor for 2019? Not quite 😄 After a very healthy 3 month break from all the socials I've finally reinstalled IG on my phone, and I went ahead and...

Le 01-01-2019 :
Happy New Year!

It's been over two full months since I last logged into any social media accounts, way back on Halloween to be exact.

In the last 9 weeks...

Le 01-11-2018 :
Missing Halloween already. Michael Wart-ian did well for himself with a big haul. How bout you? Anyone want to head out trick or treating again tonight and see how it...

Le 30-10-2018 :
Ridgeline Athletics is proud to announce that we've added our second assistant coach, and they don't come more qualified than this guy!

Please meet Ryan Kerrigan, a highly respected coach...

Le 29-10-2018 :
With the rains having set in and the foot travel alpine season closing out, I feel incredibly fortunate to have freed up the time for some late October adventures while...

Le 27-10-2018 :
On behalf of every Squamish50 runner who helps to make this donation possible, thanks SORCA for being awesome! Don't spend it all on one trail 😄

Le 23-10-2018 :
Ridgeline Athletics women's only training seminar is already over 50% sold out! This will be the only women's only seminar of 2018, though we'll be looking to build out on...

Message de Gary Robbins du 22-10-2018Le 22-10-2018 :
"Plan A" fell apart by 7am (after a 4am start to the day), but thankfully that gave me enough time to scheme a "plan B", and we're not exactly shy...
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Le 19-10-2018 :
Ridgeline Athletics is proud to announce our first ever WOMEN'S ONLY coaching seminar!

This seminar will take place at Distance Runwear in North Vancouver, on Sunday, November 25th. Our hosts...

Message de Gary Robbins du 18-10-2018Le 18-10-2018 :
Forecast says this record breaking late season "heat wave" (20 degrees and sunny) won't last but a few more days. Not sure my legs can keep up with my eyes...
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Le 17-10-2018 :
Crisp, clear autumn air makes for spectacular mountain views.

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Gary Robbins is a North Vancouver based, Salomon sponsored ultra runner
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