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Gary Robbins

Gary RobbinsSometimes I run over mountains and into sunrises.
Salomon / Suunto / Princeton Tec / Drymax Socks / Endurance Tap / Trail Butter / Squirrel's Nut Butter
Website : http://www.garyrobbins.ca
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/garyrobbinsrun/

Message de Gary Robbins du 11-06-2019Le 11-06-2019 :
Feeling the love, and I wanna share! Nice little house warming gift from the crew at @trailbutter

Who wants to win some Trail Butter!?

Who wants to try the new "10...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 09-06-2019Le 09-06-2019 :
Chilliwack Lake. It's been a few years, six to be exact, but its just as beautiful as I remember. Excited to be camping here for the Father's Day weekend, especially...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 06-06-2019Le 06-06-2019 :
Looking in the mirror, peering into my future? I can only dream as much.

At 71 years old (72 this year) Philip Waters continues to impress and inspire us all....
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Message de Gary Robbins du 05-06-2019Le 05-06-2019 :
Confused on how to train properly? Stressed about your summer racing goals? Feeling run down all the time? We can help! Ridgeline Athletics offers a multitude of services, including one...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 02-06-2019Le 02-06-2019 :
Third orientation run of the Squamish50 season.

Perfect weather, 100+ runners, and $1500 raised for the trails today!

SORCA - Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association
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Message de Gary Robbins du 01-06-2019Le 01-06-2019 :
Tomyhoi Peak peering through in the distance on today's road ride. "Tomyhoi Peak is a 7,439-foot Skagit Range mountain peak, situated just one mile south of the Canada - US...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 01-06-2019Le 01-06-2019 :
Race director in training... though he needs to work on his stamina a bit 😆

(From last weekend's Coast Mountain Trail Series Survival of the Fittest trail races. He managed about...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 31-05-2019Le 31-05-2019 :
Finally managed a break from unpacking boxes and trying to fully move in, to head out the door for my first workout in over a week.

Not a bad new...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 29-05-2019Le 29-05-2019 :
WE-ARE-IN! Chilliwack is home!

Can't thank this rock star crew enough, along with ma and pa Robbins and mom Barton. #DreamTeam
Yesterday was full on, 7am - 10pm, 450kms of driving...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 27-05-2019Le 27-05-2019 :
Family hike at the @seatoskygondola today.

The day after directing a race is always a tough one to get up for anything, after multiple nights of compromised sleep and then...
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Le 25-05-2019 :
For those who were inquiring, our tent-mahal is the "Berghaus Air 6", purchased via British outdoor site Blacks.co.uk. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth every damn penny and I...

Le 23-05-2019 :
It's been far too long since the tent-mahal has been set up, with one of our longer dry stretches at over six months. We'll make every effort to ensure that...

Message de Gary Robbins du 23-05-2019Le 23-05-2019 :
This year Golden Trail Series will be broadcast in 🇮🇹🇬🇧🇪🇸🇫🇷 around the globe to share our passion for the sport. Worldwide to millions of people 🌍.

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Le 17-05-2019 :
2019 Squamish Business Excellence Awards, hosted at Quest University, presented by Telus.

Squamish50 was honoured to be nominated under "Project of the Year". Big thanks to the Squamish Chamber of Commerce...

Le 16-05-2019 :
Keynote photo bomber at the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine conference tonight in Vancouver (CASEM).

They also gave me a mic and let me share some stories for...

Message de Gary Robbins du 13-05-2019Le 13-05-2019 :
Always great seeing good friend Scott Robarts behind the lens. You know he's good at what he does when can almost make me look like I know what I'm doing...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 12-05-2019Le 12-05-2019 :
Happy Mother's Day ♥️

Love these two beautiful women so much ☺️
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Message de Gary Robbins du 12-05-2019Le 12-05-2019 :
Lined up for another bike race today, The Vedder Classic in our soon to be new backyard out in Chilliwack. Had the same bib # as last week at the...
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Le 10-05-2019 :
Ridgeline Events are super excited to present two women's only trail running seminars, coming up on May 26th and June 9th.

These are hosted by my beautiful wife, Linda Barton-Robbins,...

Le 08-05-2019 :
Still a long ways from getting back to running again, but I raced and thoroughly enjoyed the @coaster50 mountain bike race last weekend in Sechelt. A classic race, hosting its...

Le 06-05-2019 :
First 🐻 of the season

Le 06-05-2019 :
First 🐻 of the season

Le 06-05-2019 :
First 🐻 of the season

Le 04-05-2019 :
Well that was fun. When Suunto pitched the foam beard idea I thought it could be hit or miss, 200 beards later and I'd say it went quite well for...

Le 03-05-2019 :
Wanna win a shiny new Suunto 9!? Swing on by the Salomon / Suunto booth at the @bmovanmarathon expo tomorrow night, 4pm – 7pm, we’ll be having some fun and...

Le 01-05-2019 :
This is what disappointment looks like, an unexpectedly negative follow up CT scan. It is what it is, more time is needed it seems. Sacral stress fractures suck, that is...

Le 30-04-2019 :
Subtle reminder that Ridgeline Athletics has 4 trail running seminars coming up in the months of May and June. Two women's only and two open dates, in Whistler, Squamish, Abbotsford...

Message de Gary Robbins du 28-04-2019Le 28-04-2019 :
Been working with Endurance Tap for two years now and have likely ended up consuming more as an injured runner / cyclist than I would if I were healthy and...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 28-04-2019Le 28-04-2019 :
Happy to have stayed the course on prioritizing reading over social media. I set a goal of 25 books for the year, which would be the most I'd ever read...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 27-04-2019Le 27-04-2019 :
Fantastic campaign by Salomon!

You are a woman.
You are free to be your own.
Any paths. Your way.
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Le 23-04-2019 :
Earth Day. To me it's simple, our beautiful and wild spaces are what make life worth living, and if we don't find a way to step up and force change...

Message de Gary Robbins du 22-04-2019Le 22-04-2019 :
Hoppy Easter 🐰👦😄
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Message de Gary Robbins du 20-04-2019Le 20-04-2019 :
Our volunteers really are the absolute best! 😆😂

Thanks to @annsave for her constant creativity with her signage leading into aid station #3 at the Diez Vista 50k Trail Race

Which one...
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Le 18-04-2019 :
Followed a beautiful girl through a magical forest this morning ♥️🌲

Le 18-04-2019 :
One step closer to being a runner again. Back out on the trails where I belong, on my mountain bike for the time being.

After following strict doctors orders for...

Message de Gary Robbins du 17-04-2019Le 17-04-2019 :
It was a wet and wild one out there at the 23rd annual Diez Vista 50k Trail Race race on the weekend, but that didn’t discourage people from tackling the...
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Le 13-04-2019 :
Diez Vista 50k goes tomorrow and the mosses are glowing from the recent rains. (Pic taken during course flagging yesterday) Yes it was beautiful weather today, no it will not...

Message de Gary Robbins du 11-04-2019Le 11-04-2019 :
Life level ninja unlock.

When you toss your car keys on a coat hook and turn around a minute later to realize you've inadvertently created a perfect pendulum.
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Le 10-04-2019 :
I was a runner once, and I’ll be a runner again soon. Best case scenario looks to be about one more month before getting back at things, though a follow...

Message de Gary Robbins du 10-04-2019Le 10-04-2019 :
I have the great pleasure to announce that I’ve been able to link up with POW Canada as an athlete ambassador. I am super excited to join such a deeply...
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Le 08-04-2019 :
11 years living in the city of North Vancouver. As excited as I am for our new start out in Chilliwack, I'll miss absolutely everything about this great city. I'm...

Message de Gary Robbins du 06-04-2019Le 06-04-2019 :
Cherry picking some of my favourite Chilliwack adventure imagery, while dreaming of all that’s now available to us out our back door this summer.

I drove past Chilliwack for nine straight...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 04-04-2019Le 04-04-2019 :
A dream realized, we are home owners! Well, we own a large mortgage at this exact moment, but that eventually ends in home ownership, and it means we’re going to...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 04-04-2019Le 04-04-2019 :
This past weekend was all about distracting myself while the Barkley Marathons was occurring.

While I had some very good friends lining up down in Tennessee, and was cheering...
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Le 02-04-2019 :
♥️💔 RIP dear friend. You were truly one of the kindest souls I've ever had the good fortune to meet, and your gifts to Linda, Reed & me, just a...

Le 01-04-2019 :
This week has been a struggle, an emotional roller coaster. There's nowhere in the world my family and I would rather be right now than in Frozen Head State Park...

Message de Gary Robbins du 30-03-2019Le 30-03-2019 :
Barkley Marathons? Never heard of it 😆

They got a friendly start time and near perfect weather. There will be finishers this year.

I can't post something on Barkley weekend without at...
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Le 24-03-2019 :
100km ride out in Chilliwack today.

Had planned a ride with my buddy Ricky, who's significantly faster than me on a bike:

Ricky, "I have a buddy who's going to...

Le 23-03-2019 :
High five to all 250+ people who left a comment in the caption contest! ✋ And the winner is...this was really hard, with no clear distinct winner but rather a...

Le 20-03-2019 :
Caption contest! Winner gets a 200 lumen @pteclights Snap headlamp! For context, this is Jenny Quilty, and she had just won and set a new course record in the Cap...

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Gary Robbins is a North Vancouver based, Salomon sponsored ultra runner
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