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Gary Robbins

Gary RobbinsSometimes I run over mountains and into sunrises.
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Website : http://www.garyrobbins.ca
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Le 17-09-2018 :
Current mode 📷 @tylermcgowan

Le 15-09-2018 :
Five years married to my best friend. Time really does fly when you're having fun :) Happy Anniversary babe, even if we are a few hundred miles apart at the...

Le 08-09-2018 :
A Newfoundlander, a Frenchman and two Germans head off into the forest together with 2000 pin flags...none of them return...none of them (pin flags) return! What happened (to all the...

Le 04-09-2018 :
Adventure mobile doing adventure mobile stuff, from our trip to the South Chilcotins back in July.

I've had my head down working seemingly non stop for over a month now...

Le 03-09-2018 :
It's been an interesting few years surrounding all the Barkley stuff. A few really creative people have sent me some pretty special momentos. On the left is pointillism by @ericfernhout...

Le 02-09-2018 :
According to a friend, today is look at the hair on my face day. This is a beard on a bike on a Baker. Circa August. One of the highlight...

Le 01-09-2018 :
I don't meditate in the traditional sense, but sometimes the forest pulls me aside, shakes me a little bit, and seems to whisper some wisdom in my ear, "slow down...

Le 30-08-2018 :
Into the Mystic - Lord of the Squirrels. What a crowning achievement for WORCA - Whistler Off Road Cycling Association and the RMOW!

I've run these trails a few times...

Le 28-08-2018 :
This, is a total train wreck.

Message de Gary Robbins du 28-08-2018Le 28-08-2018 :
Pictures with just some of the incredible 300+ volunteers who make the Squamish50 races possible!
Hard to believe we're already over a week clear of the event. Is it wrong...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 26-08-2018Le 26-08-2018 :
I was home from the Squamish50 for a full minute, enough time to sleep in my own bed for two nights, to celebrate Reed's 3rd birthday, to catch up on...
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Le 25-08-2018 :
Dear Squamish, you're the best! Signed, 1700+ happy adventurous souls who came to town last weekend for the Squamish50 races. Collectively we smashed our goal of donating over $20,000 to...

Message de Gary Robbins du 22-08-2018Le 22-08-2018 :
An absolute whirlwind week has come to a close, as we arrived home late yesterday to then celebrate Reed's 3rd birthday (a few days after his actual birthday which fell...
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Le 18-08-2018 :
Hands down one of the nicest, most thoughtful, and completely unexpected gifts I've ever received. Thank you Randi. This brought both of us to tears and Reed looked at it...

Le 16-08-2018 :
Seven years and it never gets old. The Squamish50 goes this weekend and we're about ready to welcome over 1200 runners from 20+ countries to town!

The first few sections...

Le 14-08-2018 :
Well these are cool! And proceeds from sales go to cover costs associated with little Gus's successful cancer treatments. Win, win! Happy to report Gus's kisses are still as sloppy...

Message de Gary Robbins du 11-08-2018Le 11-08-2018 :
Thanks Ellie Greenwood for reminding me that it's the 10 year anniversary to my first 100 miler, and it's the 10 year anniversary to her first 50 miler. Both of...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 07-08-2018Le 07-08-2018 :
Whistler Athletes' Centre -> South Flank -> Callaghan -> With A Twist -> On The Rocks -> Lord of the Squirrels -> Flank Trail -> WAC.

23 miles with 5600ft via...
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Le 07-08-2018 :
Soooo cooperative. #parenting #familyphoto #happybcday #lostlake #whistler

Le 05-08-2018 :
How to achieve a runner's high. Take two and a half months off due to injury, after running in pain for the two straight months prior to that, and then...

Le 04-08-2018 :
How can five people put in a full eight hour day of trail work and only end up clearing back 1km of brush? There was a wee bit of overgrowth...

Le 04-08-2018 :
Spent the day bushwhacking in Whistler with this crew. Eight hours on trail clearing out 15 years of overgrowth on Flank South. We managed to clear ONE full kilometer, the...

Message de Gary Robbins du 02-08-2018Le 02-08-2018 :
Sometimes, just sometimes, 4:00am alarms are worth getting up for.

My first ever century ride, and with the perfect partner. Really fun to get to catch up with John Kelly outside...
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Le 01-08-2018 :
Quite possibly my favourite runner race recap ever 😄 #Repost @trailbroncos ・・・ Rough rough day yesterday. I thought I knew what technical single track trails were. I learned that I...

Le 30-07-2018 :
Technically, muling...but we gave him the finish 😆 #parenting #kidsrace #whenyouredoneyouredone #neveradullmoment #buckinhell #cmts 📸 @srobarts photography

Le 29-07-2018 :
400 finish line hugs and high fives really add up.

Congrats to all Buckin' Hell 50k and 30k runners today! Also huge props to our 10 "Buck Me This Goat is...

Le 28-07-2018 :
Buckin' Hell podium trophies are lookin hot! Huge thanks to Eric Chrisman of @elevationculture for their amazingly creative, unique and beautiful, handmade works of art. Runners will have to work...

Le 26-07-2018 :
This is why we invested in an "air beam" tent. Count to ten and it's down. If you have the sound on, Reed does not approve of us taking it...

Le 24-07-2018 :
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Though our Buckin' Hell races for this weekend are now sold out at over 400 runners, we could still use a bit of help on the volunteer side...

Le 23-07-2018 :
All good things must come to an end. Seven more nights of family camping were added to the tent-mahal resume though. #welovecamping #tentmahal #southchilcotins #whistler

Message de Gary Robbins du 23-07-2018Le 23-07-2018 :
There's trail maintenance, and then there's bringing a trail back from the dead.

When I decided to go forth with the Coast Mountain Trail Series Whistler Alpine Meadows 110km race (with...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 22-07-2018Le 22-07-2018 :
Whistler Alpine Meadows (WAM) course day today. The 110km course features back to back suspension bridges over the Checkamus River, right around the midway point. Hope the runners aren't afraid...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 21-07-2018Le 21-07-2018 :
Small 30 degree temperature variance over the last 48 hours, 34 degrees on Wednesday, 4 degrees and a hail storm on Friday. Life in the mountains, never a dull moment.

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Message de Gary Robbins du 20-07-2018Le 20-07-2018 :
South Chilcotins for the win. Today had everything, from high alpine terrain, to endless wild flowers, to fresh bear tracks near the end of our route. 50km of stunning scenery...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 19-07-2018Le 19-07-2018 :
Getting my alpine singletrack fix.

We were supposed to be heading to Colorado for Hardrock this weekend, and to link up with Jared Campbell on a mountain project, but injury...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 18-07-2018Le 18-07-2018 :
South Chilcotins welcoming committee.

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Le 15-07-2018 :
Dear Knee Knacker, thank you so much for having me today and letting me cover the mic during Dave Norona's one year absence. Thoughts go out to my friend Dave...

Message de Gary Robbins du 14-07-2018Le 14-07-2018 :
Escaped from the laptop for a few hours today to do some Buckin' Hell course scouting on the mountain bike 😊🚵

We're rapidly closing in on 400 runners for race day!

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Message de Gary Robbins du 12-07-2018Le 12-07-2018 :
Suunto 9 unboxing!

FINALLY a GPS watch that not only looks and feels fantastic, but also has a battery life of OVER 24 hours on highest accuracy (1 second intervals)!

Optical heart...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 08-07-2018Le 08-07-2018 :
10% of what I do for work doesn't feel like work. 90% of what I do for work involves sitting in front of a computer for 10+ hours a day,...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 07-07-2018Le 07-07-2018 :
One of these things is not like the other. Helmet and gloves for trail running if you really wanna let loose on the downhills...two wheels also helps with overall speed...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 05-07-2018Le 05-07-2018 :
Finally have the new (to us) 4Runner all branded up and kitted out, and I could not he happier with it!

Some of you know I had a white Xterra...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 05-07-2018Le 05-07-2018 :
TSN Original: Endless - In Pursuit of the Barkley : If you missed it and you were wanting to check it out, here's the direct link to the 24 minute...
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Le 04-07-2018 :
My happiness 😊♥️♥️ #dancetroupe #takingthisshowontheroad

Message de Gary Robbins du 03-07-2018Le 03-07-2018 :
On this holiday Monday of the Canada Day long weekend, my long ride left me full of gratitude today.

I'm thankful for my beautiful wife and child, and our collective...
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Le 30-06-2018 :
MRI results are in. This is a picture of me doing what I love most, running in the mountains. Unfortunately there won't be any running images posted by me this...

Le 30-06-2018 :
Got to take my mountain bike up into some snow yesterday at Red Heather Hut. Snowline is right about 1500m, which coincidentally is how much climbing I was able to...

Le 28-06-2018 :
Tonight on TSN! "Endless, in Pursuit of the Barkley" 16:30 PT 19:30 ET 21:00 in Newfoundland

Message de Gary Robbins du 28-06-2018Le 28-06-2018 :
Tomorrow night on TSN there will be a 30 minute documentary surrounding the last year of my life, in my continual pursuit of an elusive Barkley Marathons finish. The documentary...
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Message de Gary Robbins du 25-06-2018Le 25-06-2018 :
Ridgeline Athletics coaching seminar day success in Abbotsford today. Eric and I had a blast with our sold out group of 30 awesome people, and we both enjoyed exploring an...
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