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Lined up for another bike race today, The Vedder Classic...

Gary Robbins, le texte de sa publication du 12-05-2019 03:57:50 :
Lined up for another bike race today, The Vedder Classic in our soon to be new backyard out in Chilliwack. Had the same bib # as last week at the Coaster (101), but not quite the same result.

"Placement matters not", but bike mechanicals suck. I raced a smart race, carried extra fluids, was prepped for the near 30 degree temps and played it conservative early. Was super stoked with my descents. Right around 1h50m at the start of the final big climb I was in a solid position to push for a top 30 finish, then my derailleur started acting up (must've clipped it on something on the descent) & I couldn't gear down (or up...for climbing) beyond 3rd gear.

After walking a few steeper pitches I started messing with it multiple times and finally got it to at least shift to 2nd gear, which was mostly rideable uphill. Probably lost 3-5 minutes but whatever.

As I topped out the final climb I was excited for the long descent into the finish. Was crushing (for me) the downhill, set a new big air record (3ft off the ground, but it felt like 30ft) and was in maybe 38th'ish, and then my bike locks up solid and my rear wheel is no longer fully attached to the frame.

I walked about 1.5kms down the hill, carrying my bike, anticipating a long walk all the way to the finish, when Bob from NOBL Wheels sees me, has a look at the bike, and explains that I'm not in fact missing any bike parts, as I thought I was. 60 seconds later and the rear axle is back in place and I was able to at least roll it across the finish line. Lots of lessons learned. I guess I'll have to try the race again next year 😆

Stoked that Chilliwack local and good friend @ricky_federau took the big win.

Reed got to ride the kids race & then it was family time at the lake. Chilliwack is awesome, in case you hadn't heard 😆

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