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Run Around The World: Episode 3 par Gediminas Grinius - 10-04-2019

Gediminas Grinius, le texte de sa publication du 10-04-2019 08:27:17 :
ok, the world with words waterfall is finally here, check out latest thunderstorm explosion from oman

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Message de Gediminas Grinius du 09-04-2019Le 09-04-2019 :
nobody knows where our ceilings are, but i will go and try to reach mine | #vibram #vtcvibram
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Message de Gediminas Grinius du 05-04-2019Le 05-04-2019 :
Jason Schlarb + Mere June = earquake, saying that Oman by UTMB pleasently flatish and smooth asphalt course turned into mass of sharp rocks with no trail at all. Check...
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Message de Gediminas Grinius du 02-04-2019Le 02-04-2019 :
gone in 60 seconds
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Message de Gediminas Grinius du 27-03-2019Le 27-03-2019 :
Flat country on rolling stones with Xtrasa godfather Modestas Bacys & WOXX BARBERS-Vilnius own Raimondas Pasternackis aka Jack the Ripper | In such a nice company almost got killed
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Message de Gediminas Grinius du 25-03-2019Le 25-03-2019 :
fifty seconds of lithuanian spring
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10-04-2019 06:37:53

Message de Ida Nilsson du 10-04-2019Here comes a small video about the 50 km uphill race Crown King Scramble I ran in Arizona two weeks ago. Sunrise in the desert was spectacular!
Aravaipa Running Salomon Running
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Landie GreylingLandie Greyling
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Message de Landie Greyling du 10-04-2019T - 3 days before @penyagolosatrails 60k🇪🇸. Thrilled to line up for my first international race in 19 months😮, and 6.5 month post baby. The competition will be super strong,...
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Vlad IxelVlad Ixel
10-04-2019 05:57:10

Message de Vlad Ixel du 10-04-2019Finishing day four in my volume building block with another 30k in the bank!
2 x 15k runs where the first 11k are on the trails and the last 4K...
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Message de Shannon-Leigh - Endurance Athlete du 10-04-2019Good late afternoon session at the track, some intervals at the end of my run!
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Christiaan GreylingChristiaan Greyling
10-04-2019 05:27:35

Message de Christiaan Greyling du 10-04-2019Have you suffered from injury leading up to a big race? Or worked towards a goal and then some external factor hindered you to proceed? A few weeks ago I...
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