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Alzheimer's Association Greater Cincinnati Chapter par Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner - 07-02-2019

Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner, le texte de sa publication du 07-02-2019 21:30:00 :
Alzheimer's Association Greater Cincinnati Chapter : I’m really looking forward to this event with the Cincinnati Cyclones! Most of us have had a friend or family member affected by Alzheimer’s. Would really appreciate if you would consider joining me in making a contribution. Come join us for a fun filled night!

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Une publication de Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner

harveylewisultrarunnerWelcome to the official Facebook page of Harvey Lewis, ultra runner and athlete.

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Message de Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner du 06-02-2019Le 06-02-2019 :
Felt reinvigorated for the run-commute to school this morning after an amazing pad thai dish (Photo under comments) from Green Papaya, hot bath with epsom
salt (am & pm) and good...
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Le 06-02-2019 :
Got that one mile in just under the wire. Perhaps a bit of procrastination.. It’s been a long day that started at 5am and had to really wrestle myself to...

Message de Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner du 04-02-2019Le 04-02-2019 :
Decided to embark a bit spontaneously on 24 hours of detox following consuming a lot of sugars over the Rocky Racoon 100. I love Kelly’s red lentil and spinach masala...
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Message de Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner du 03-02-2019Le 03-02-2019 :
Finished 6th Place in 17:42:54 in Rocky Racoon 100, 1 minute and 21 seconds behind Kevin Lashley (Photo below) and 40 minutes faster than Long Haul 100 from 2 weeks...
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Message de Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner du 03-02-2019Le 03-02-2019 :
Half of hundred
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