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Looking forward to going to the Cincinnati Cyclones Flying Pigs...

Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner, le texte de sa publication du 15-02-2019 12:30:47 :
Looking forward to going to the Cincinnati Cyclones Flying Pigs night tonight and running for the Alzheimer's Association Greater Cincinnati with Channel 5 Meteorologist Randi Rupp.

I wanted to share the story of another Flying Pig Marathon runner in town Steve Schwalbach whose been really involved in running philanthropy for the Alzheimer’s Association. I asked Steve some questions about his inspiration. Steve will be running his 9th Pig this May and will also be pacing the marathon (4:10 group).

1) How did you get involved with running for the Alzheimer’s Association?

I was on training run for the flying pig one cold winter day, thinking about my mother, she was bed ridden for a few years now, felt very helpless. What can I do to help her, I am not a doctor or a scientist to help coming up with a new drug, I just felt very helpless and started to cry on the run. Then an Idea popped in my mind, I will run across the state of the Kentucky for Alzheimer’s. The following day, I called The Alzheimers Association to set up a meeting and told them I wanted to run across the state of Kentucky to raise funds for Alzheimer’s, that was back in January of 2014.

2) How did you come up with your plan to run across your first state?

I told them my Plan, that May I would start running at the Tennessee line and run straight up US-27 straight to Cincinnati. Every day run 30 miles and stop about every 4 to 5 miles for water, food, etc along the way. After 30 miles I will stay in a hotel and relax, have dinner and go to bed. Repeat for 7 days until I reach Cincinnati, 210 miles in a next.

3) How many states have you run across and what will be your next?

States – Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Rhode Island, California. Last year, I did Dayton to Cincinnati 85 miles in one day for the Longest day event, an event Alzheimers puts on every year. This year very similar as last year but starting close to the Air Force base and Finishing in my hometown of Fort Thomas which will be 100miler in one day.

4) How much have you raised since you started?

I have raised over $60,000 through the Jackie’s Run Foundation

5) How has combining running and philanthropy impacted your life?

Ever since the First Jackie’s Run across Kentucky, I feel like it has change my life knowing that I am helping others with this awful disease, through my fund raising and inspiring people through running.

6) Why do you run?

I love to run, started in high school, but really did not get hooked until the early 2000’s I wanted to run the Flying Pig , one time in my life. That finish line was the craziest high I ever had in my life, It changed my life forever. I was hooked on running, my goals keep on getting bigger and bigger. Once, I met most of my goals, It change me to helps others with my running. To help other people with their goals , I do lots of pacing of marathons and helping others through the Jackie’s Run Foundation.

Steve Schwalbach


Hope to see you at the game!

For anyone based regionally answer the following question under the comments for the chance to win 2 tickets to tonight’s game. First person to answer correctly wins. ••••• How many Kelly Cups have the Cyclones won and in what years?

Have a great Friday!

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