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DAY 2 of our run-streak challenge for the month of...

Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner, le texte de sa publication du 02-08-2019 16:20:02 :
DAY 2 of our run-streak challenge for the month of August. Whose run today?! Love to hear where, distances & your experiences!

10km for me along the Pickaway Trail pass many Ohio farm fields Pickaway County Park District - PCPD. I’m going to jump into a Circleville classic tomorrow - Dog Days 5k, although not planning to be lightning fast still recuperating from last weeks marathon & Badwater. It will be nice to get the legs moving quickly.

Ideally I feel morning runs or walks are the easiest to maintain consistency but especially during the teaching year my days can be crazy and sometimes I don’t get the training run I really wanted until 10pm. In my case the run-commute is always amazing to keep me consistent. Fortunately I only live 5km from work and it’s easy to add on to either direction if I’m in the mood. After the first week to 10 days the commute (similar to this run-streak) will become automatic and you just do it without even thinking. It becomes a habit.

Mid-day runs can also be great! I know several friends who run at lunch from their work. During the spring last year at SCPA I was looking to help a coworker get in shape and we ran one mile and usually walked an added mile once a week. He doubled his stamina in a month and continued to grow exponentially. Having an accountability partner is excellent! Actually the one mile run became something I looked forward to each week and we even had another coworker join us. Although it was a mile it really helped my overall training plan as well. Always good to team up with others!

Thanks for teaming up and/or following!
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