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Congratulations Donna Fick in making it over 600 days of...

Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner, le texte de sa publication du 28-08-2019 11:21:47 :
Congratulations Donna Fick in making it over 600 days of run-streaking a mile a day! If you’re participating with our run/hike-streak keep it up! Only 3 days remain and we will be adding everyone’s names to the jar for great prizes. It’s been fun!

Here is our fourth of five runners sharing their story this month who have been run-streaking. These were Donna’s responses to my questions;

1) When did you first begin running and what did you enjoy about it? I think about 1977 when I first began to run alone as an eighth grader in hopes of running competitively in HS. My first race was the Spiral Spring festival 10K. It was pouring rain and there were not many runners so my sister and her friends followed me in a van. I ended up winning an age group award and had a lot of fun and felt great afterwards. Running helped me immediately have more self-confidence and handle stress in my life at the time. I went on to run in HS and College. I still enjoy running in the rain!

2) Are you training for health, life or do you have a specific race you would like to run in 2019 or looking to the year ahead? I train for all of these reasons--but after 40 years of running I am not as fast and I am not winning races much anymore unless I am the only one in the 50 and over age group! Now, I primarily run because it brings me joy, is a stress reducer and is fabulous for both brain and heart health. I still do like to have races to train for and to do my best in. I usually do several trail half marathons per year. My hardest race (and a lot of fun) is the Hyner 25K in Renova, PA in April. This will be my fourth one. Having a spring race is great motivation to run through the winter. In 2018 I also ran Mont Blanc 23K in Chamonix France and loved it! I plan to try and run this again in 2020.

3) How does running/hiking influence your life/profession? I am a nurse, a professor, and a research scientist that studies aging and brain health so running influences my life and profession a lot. I am also a parent. I have been running for so long I often use running in what I am teaching or as I think about a difficult problem in my personal or family life. Physical activity has the most evidence at the moment for improving brain health and it does not matter what your age or physical condition is you can still move and have “daily mobility goals” even if it is not running. I am involved in a large national initiative on Age Friendly Health Systems via the Hartford Foundation and Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the initiative focuses on 4M’s--Mobility (exercise), Mentation, Medications (avoiding drugs that impair mobility or mentation), and What Matters. I often use my running when I work in this initiative. Running is also invaluable in dealing with life stress and my 3 children who are now young adults. I think my running has also influenced their appreciation of the importance of physical activity and taking care of yourself mentally and physically. When I teach about writing I use the run streak analogy of breaking long projects into short parts--telling students you can do a marathon if you break it into 26 days of running one mile and you can write your dissertation or manuscript quicker and better if you write every day!

4) What helps you to stay injury free when you’re running? Running mostly on trails has really helped lessen the aches and pains. I also stretch, take Epsom salt baths after long runs, use rollers on my muscles and try to cross train or do yoga at home. I also really take it easy on my short runs so they are like a recovery day even though I am still run streaking.

5) What is your favorite running workout? Why? (Running long, short, track, tempo, etc.) Probably running long on trails as I can relax knowing I will be out there for hours and it is an adventure. I also like to run hills on the long runs as it is always gets my heart rate up and is a satisfying challenge.

6) Is this your first run-streak? How many days have you made it? It is my second streak. The first streak I stopped after a couple hundred days because it became a chore but this one is totally different and I will keep doing it as long as I can. I started this one at the end of 2017 and I am at 599 days as of today (8/23/19).

7) What is one tip that has really helped with others that you would share with someone if asked?

I am not sure it I can give just one tip but the most important is to enjoy it and find your passion. Find out what it is that brings you joy about running and then immerse yourself in that. I feel that nothing is sustainable in life or work unless you really have passion and joy. For this streak, I turned for the moment to almost exclusively trail running and running in the mornings at sunrise when I can. I absolutely love nature, so these are the things I focus on to sustain my love of running. I love seeing different mushrooms, animals in the wild, mountain laurel and rhododendrons in PA, red newts and even rattlesnakes! Combining running with a love of being outside and nature has made a big difference. I have also enjoyed the friendship of the running community. Though I often run alone to maintain the streak I have a group of women I run with several times a month. I also use running when I travel to see the world. I have been able to run many place in the U.S. and the world while working.

(I loved seeing the newts on the Appalachian Trail as well as the others! Even the snakes albeit preferably from a distance.) Please share your run photos or experiences under the comments as you wish. 28 days!
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Newton Running
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U.S. National 24 Hour Running Team

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