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Ian Sharman Ultrarunner

Ian Sharman UltrarunnerThis is the athlete page for Ian Sharman; pro runner for Altra Running | AfterShokz | Julbo | CLIF BAR | BUFF | Drymax Socks | UltrAspire | Coros | Squirrels Nut Butter; Sharman Ultra Head Coach; journalist; and ex-pat Brit.
Website : http://www.sharmanultra.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sharmanian/

Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 31-07-2018Le 31-07-2018 :
Podcast: Episode 24 with Magdalena Boulet - the morning shakeout : We're fans of the Mario Fraioli's #themorningshakeout newsletter and podcast. This week he chatted to Coach Magda Boulet about...
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 28-07-2018Le 28-07-2018 :
Best way to start the day is to PR before breakfast. Got a 1:13:48 at #MtHoodHalf road race and a chance to catch up with the Denuch (my pacer extraordinaire...
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 23-07-2018Le 23-07-2018 :
I’ve never got to the top of a mountain and thought, “that wasn’t worth it.” #MtBachelor #SouthSister #inBend #Cascadia #PNWonderland #SharmanUltraAthlete #TeamBuff #TeamClifBar #feedyouradventure #TeamAltra #spAltra
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 10-07-2018Le 10-07-2018 :
Mountain time! ⛰⛰⛰ The downhill on #SouthSister is one of the most fun I’ve ever run, especially the volcanic scree at the top. #sharmanultraathlete #TeamAltra #spAltra #mountainvision #TeamBuff #feedyouradventure
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 04-07-2018Le 04-07-2018 :
Downtime after a 💯 miler means easy hiking with the family, like the #GreenLakesTrail #inBend. First time of many this summer. #SouthSister #Cascadia #pnwonderland #Cascades #trailrunning #ultrarunning #Oregon
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 02-07-2018Le 02-07-2018 :
Here’s the mini Ultra-Trail World Tour video of Western States Endurance Run. Captures the day perfectly (especially if you watch it in a sauna): https://vimeo.com/278055627
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Running since 2005, coaching since 2010 and loving the opportunity to race on all types of terrain around the world. Since I started I've run over 200 marathons and ultras across 30+ countries, but tend to prefer 100-milers now.

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