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Ian Sharman Ultrarunner

Ian Sharman UltrarunnerThis is the athlete page for Ian Sharman; pro runner for Altra Running | AfterShokz | Julbo | CLIF BAR | BUFF | Drymax Socks | UltrAspire | Coros | Squirrels Nut Butter; Sharman Ultra Head Coach; journalist; and ex-pat Brit.
Website : http://www.sharmanultra.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sharmanian/

Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 30-11-2018Le 30-11-2018 :
Spent hours procrastinating about running because it started snowing and raining. But I never regret the run, only if I wimp out on doing one. #spAltra #TeamAltra #Buffusa #livemore #mountainvision
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 17-11-2018Le 17-11-2018 :
#Yasso800s. My favorite love/hate speed session. 10x800m with the same time jogging between reps as it took to complete the last rep. #SharmanUltraAthlete #spAltra #TeamAltra Altra Running Recharge
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 12-11-2018Le 12-11-2018 :
Strava : Just before setting the 12:08 course record at #TunnelHill100 and the fastest time ever on trails, Coach Zach Bitter wrote about how to train while traveling. #SharmanUltra is...
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 11-11-2018Le 11-11-2018 :
That’s what I call a good running day. Sweeping the 2nd half of #RuntheRock 50 miler after racing a half in the morning. I’ll sleep well tonight! spAltra #TeamAltra #BuffUSA...
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 09-11-2018Le 09-11-2018 :
Sharman Ultra : Here's #SharmanUltra Coach, Zach Bitter's article about training while traveling (he's en route to #TunnelHill100 to chase the fastest trail 100 in history - good luck!)
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 05-11-2018Le 05-11-2018 :
It’s been a few years since I paced at an ultra. So fun and nice to finish without feeling as bad as I usually do at the end of 100...
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 04-11-2018Le 04-11-2018 :
Next episode of #CoachesCorner is out now with David Roche, Krissy Moehl, Dr Shawn Bearden and myself. Q: Should you cross-train? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LObZObTd68
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Running since 2005, coaching since 2010 and loving the opportunity to race on all types of terrain around the world. Since I started I've run over 200 marathons and ultras across 30+ countries, but tend to prefer 100-milers now.

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