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One down and one to go. I’ve run #Boston2BigSur a...

Ian Sharman Ultrarunner, le texte de sa publication du 22-04-2019 00:36:34 :
One down and one to go. I’ve run #Boston2BigSur a few times, but recently I’ve enjoyed doubling up at Boston since Brian Beckstead introduced me to the idea of running to the start instead of taking the bus. Haven’t done that at Big Sur before, so it seemed like a fun new way to experience that race and run route 1 in the dark with the road closed.

I’ve found double marathons and 50 milers are perfect practice and physical training for 100 milers. So this is ideal for my #WS100 build up and I’m already starting to feel the benefits. #seeyouinsquaw

#SharmanUltraAthlete #TeamAltra #BuffUSA #livemorenow #UltrAspire #TeamDrymax #mountainvision #runlikeasquirrel #feedyouradventure

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sharmanianThis is the athlete page for Ian Sharman; pro runner for Altra Running | AfterShokz | Julbo | CLIF BAR | BUFF | Drymax Socks | UltrAspire | Coros | Squirrels Nut Butter; Sharman Ultra Head Coach; journalist; and ex-pat Brit.

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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 21-04-2019Le 21-04-2019 :
Tips for new runners and experienced old hands alike in this interview with the Easy Thrills podcast in Australia: https://anchor.fm/easythrills/episodes/Ian-Sharman---Pro-100-Mile-Ultra-Runner---Head-Coach---Sharman-Ultra-e3q1mv
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 21-04-2019Le 21-04-2019 :
Should you aim to increase VO2 Max? The #CoachesCorner team, including myself, at #ScienceofUltra discusses (available later as a podcast): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-btXs-jUk7M
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 20-04-2019Le 20-04-2019 :
Running bonus miles is a habit I can’t break. Took the marathoners’ route up towards Mt Bachelor and didn’t realize until I’d added over a mile round trip on the...
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 19-04-2019Le 19-04-2019 :
The BibRave Podcast: #141: Ian Sharman, running the Boston Marathon twice in one day : I chatted to Tim and Jess at BibRave ahead of the #DoubleBoston (also the start...
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 16-04-2019Le 16-04-2019 :
‪7 Bostons, 10 times along the course (3 doubles), but only 6 of these medals - lost my 2018 one in the med tent after crawling in with hypothermia last...
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