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One week ago, running through Robinson Flat at mile 30...

Ian Sharman Ultrarunner, le texte de sa publication du 06-07-2019 20:19:02 :
One week ago, running through Robinson Flat at mile 30 and enjoying the mountains then that feeling of crossing the line on the track. This is the stuff I’ll always remember, but I’m really excited that next year I get the chance to run ComradesMarathon again (number 8), instead of racing #WS100. Have run the Comrades/WS100 double 4 times but nowadays it’s 13 days apart, not 4 weeks. #1000milesoneweek #SharmanUltraAthlete #TeamAltra #zerolimits Photo: Trail Junkie Photos

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sharmanianThis is the athlete page for Ian Sharman; pro runner for Altra Running | AfterShokz | Julbo | CLIF BAR | BUFF | Drymax Socks | UltrAspire | Coros | Squirrels Nut Butter; Sharman Ultra Head Coach; journalist; and ex-pat Brit.

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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 06-07-2019Le 06-07-2019 :
Clean Sport Collective : Talking anti-doping with the Clean Sport Collective recently - especially how to realistically minimize cheating in our sport.
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 04-07-2019Le 04-07-2019 :
WS100 2019 : Recorded this one yesterday with a Western States Endurance Run focus from David Roche, Krissy Moehl, Shawn Bearden and myself - enjoy. #CoachesCorner #ScienceofUltra (available as a...
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 02-07-2019Le 02-07-2019 :
Ian Sharman's guide to the perfect race - part 2 : Part 2 of my guide to a perfect race in Trail Running magazine UK: https://www.trailrunningmag.co.uk/news/articles/ian-sharmans-guide-to-the-perfect-race-part-2
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 01-07-2019Le 01-07-2019 :
1000 miles is starting to sink in, especially after my spinal nerve injury last year. Thank you everyone for making it so memorable for the whole decade. And so good...
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Message de Ian Sharman Ultrarunner du 01-07-2019Le 01-07-2019 :
More tips, podcasts and competitions in this month's Sharman Ultra newsletter.
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Diego Pazos Diego Pazos "Zpeedy"
06-07-2019 20:16:44

Message de Diego Pazos 🥉 Place at the Swiss Athletics swiss Ultra trail Champs at Trail Verbier Saint-Bernard
I would have loved to fight for the win of course but that was not possible today!
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Candice BurtCandice Burt
06-07-2019 20:02:19

Message de Candice Burt du 06-07-2019Travel is fun AND stressful especially when combined with racing. Not only is it difficult to deal with time changes, you can often run into issues with luggage, airport delays,...
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Salomon RunningSalomon Running
06-07-2019 17:18:00

Message de Salomon Running du 06-07-2019Chasing the last light of the day 🤩


photo: Max Rasp
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06-07-2019 15:42:52

Message de Emelie Forsberg du 06-07-2019So happy to finish @hornindalrundt 38 km 2600 m! My longest run since 1 year ago. I have been very defensive with my training but I need to step it...
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Dark HorseDark Horse
06-07-2019 14:35:35

Message de Dark Horse du 06-07-2019Good morning people of the page, adding “Turmeric” on a daily basis will be my goal for July, here are some of the benefits: 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

(What is your Turmeric supplement suggestion?)

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