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I remember a kid who was afraid to come home...

Joseph Gray, le texte de sa publication du 20-11-2018 02:32:38 :
I remember a kid who was afraid to come home with bad grades because it meant that maybe he would be overlooked by teachers in terms of intelligence. Maybe it meant he wouldn't get a scholarship and go on to be the first in his family to earn a Bachelors & Masters Degree. ⁣

There was a kid who came in almost dead last in his first National XC Championship, but never thought about quitting. ⁣

I remember a kid who was getting into trouble fighting, stealing and Lord knows what else. Then, he was introduced to a sport he fell in love with that changed his life forever. I remember that kid because that WAS me!⁣

▫️Sometimes the tough memories make new goals all the more worth chasing▫️⁣

Sometimes goals aren't met and you fail. 'This is Real Life' and the ball keeps rolling ✊🏾⁣

How do you remember your Story?⁣
#realLife #bmr #toughtimes #hardknocks #motivationmonday #journeyofjoegeezi #journeyoflife

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journeyofjoegeeziMy adventures in Mountain, Road, Cross Country, Skyrunning, international foods, watches, footwear, apparel, creating recipes and traveling the globe

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Rob KrarRob Krar
20-11-2018 00:57:49

Boom, as Christina says...


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19-11-2018 21:14:08

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