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Last year on this date I was deep in an...

Kim Conley, le texte de sa publication du 05-02-2019 22:54:25 :
Last year on this date I was deep in an injury cycle, looking for answers and hoping for a change in my luck.
This Instagram post from that day was pointed enough to recognize my current state but vague enough to create a sense that I was gearing for something right on the horizon.
As things turned out, it took winter, spring and half of the summer for me to recover and return to preparation.
I’m thankful to be training healthy and fit today, but the path is never as straight or easy as I would like!

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kfconleyKim Conley is an American Track & Field athlete that specializes in the middle and long distances.

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Real life vs Instagram!
This was the most brilliant moment of today’s long workout, but I also ran through cold, wet and wind during the course of the morning.
It’s always good...
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Solar vortex. 💪🏼 🌞
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I’m baack.😏
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My indoor season opener didn’t quite go to plan last night. After a tentative first half for the entire field, I found myself locked into that rhythm and unable to...
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