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Shortly before bedtime in Sacramento on Thursday night, I received...

Kim Conley, le texte de sa publication du 09-02-2019 18:14:42 :
Shortly before bedtime in Sacramento on Thursday night, I received word that the UW Husky Invite was collapsing their two-day meet into a Friday format, moving my upcoming mile race a full day earlier.
After quick consideration, I decided to adapt my own plan, moving my scheduled Friday flight up several hours to arrive just before the new 1:15pm race time.
I was pleased with race itself-4:33.72 for 3rd place-which included some time at the front pushing the pace. The bigger win for the day was putting aside my rigid notions about ‘ideal race preparation’ and simply adopting a competitive mentality when I needed it. I wasn’t the only athlete dealing with change, and the reality is that conditions are almost always short of perfect.
I don’t have a race pic from yesterday at The Dempsey, but these images from the workout and cool down following my race probably best capture the overall spirit of a challenging and rewarding day.
Huge thanks to @stephboknows and the @uwtrack staff for putting on a great meet under adverse conditions, and congrats to @nikkihiltz for her win in the mile. 🏃🏼‍♀️❄️
#snowday @ Seattle, Washington

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kfconleyKim Conley is an American Track & Field athlete that specializes in the middle and long distances.

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