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‘There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the...

Kim Conley, le texte de sa publication du 21-05-2019 15:27:48 :
‘There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask, "What if I fall?"
Oh, but my darling,
What if you fly?’
- Erin Hanson
📸 @lena.kalotihos

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kfconleyKim Conley is an American Track & Field athlete that specializes in the middle and long distances.

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Message de Kim Conley du 21-05-2019Le 21-05-2019 :
Another great day, ending with a sea level workout of 800m repeats!
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Message de Kim Conley du 19-05-2019Le 19-05-2019 :
I love this place. ⛰ 🌲
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Message de Kim Conley du 17-05-2019Le 17-05-2019 :
...and the crowd goes wild.
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Message de Kim Conley du 15-05-2019Le 15-05-2019 :
Post-run recovery:
Earned privilege, part of the training session or don’t even bother?
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Message de Kim Conley du 11-05-2019Le 11-05-2019 :
Training wheels.
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Message de Stephanie Bruce du 21-05-2019Thought that 5k might convince @coachbenrosario1 to take it easy on me but alas back to a marathon workout yesterday. @alicewright139 (who loves to always block me in our videos😜)...
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Cincinnati's School for Creative and Performing Arts #Queencity
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