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2019 Trail Running Kit From Patagonia | Trail Runner Magazine par 2019 Trail Running Kit From Patagonia | Trail Runner Magazine - 10-05-2019

Krissy Moehl, le texte de sa publication du 10-05-2019 14:18:00 :
2019 Trail Running Kit From Patagonia | Trail Runner Magazine : Some Patagonia favorites listed here. Trail Runner magazine review of our 2019 Trail Run kit! :)

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krissy.moehlUltra Trail Runner, Speaker, Writer, Event Promoter & Coach. Patagonia, Vasque, Ultimate Direction, Pro-Tec Athletics, Flora Health & Julbo Ambassador.

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Kathryn Drew and the Power of Consistency | Trail Runner Magazine : I love this share from David Roche about 2019 Chuckanut 50k Womens Champ Kathryn Drew . Her running...
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Message de Krissy Moehl du 28-04-2019Le 28-04-2019 :
Passion Project: people in their passion is the most inspiring thing to me. Absolutely loving what they are doing and so caught up in it there is nothing else. RD...
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Message de Krissy Moehl du 16-04-2019Le 16-04-2019 :
Been there before ... I get it. .
@hbarronnz & I picked up @rachelbridgewater along the drive (pre-planned) out to Isthmus Peak. Two perfect strangers to me but #trailsisters in an...
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Message de Krissy Moehl du 14-04-2019Le 14-04-2019 :
A few favorite photos from a new favorite place. .
Today running the ridge between Mt Alpha and Roy Peak I had the goosebumps feeling of being exactly where I wanted...
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Message de Krissy Moehl du 11-04-2019Le 11-04-2019 :
Artifishal Film & Screening Dates - Patagonia : The Seattle date for showing this important film is TBD. I hope to be there and see you there! Other dates are...
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Emelie ForsbergEmelie Forsberg
10-05-2019 13:58:21

Message de Emelie Forsberg du 10-05-2019This race 😍 Do you know wich one? I wish all of you running this weekend a fantastic run ❤️ Hope to be back next year!
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Meg MackenzieMeg Mackenzie
10-05-2019 13:47:04

Message de Meg Mackenzie du 10-05-2019How lucky are we to have these world class mountains on our doorstep?! Keep a watch for all the other videos dropping soon! Stuart McConnachie Nicholas G Rupanga Discoverctwc
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Christiaan GreylingChristiaan Greyling
10-05-2019 12:20:56

Message de Christiaan Greyling du 10-05-2019Of all the things and money we can possibly gather in this life, the most important and everlasting gift is love. Remember, that love is a verb! Miss you guys...
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Diego Pazos Diego Pazos "Zpeedy"
10-05-2019 12:10:33

Message de Diego Pazos Transvulcania 2019 Transvulcania, isla de La Palma
Bib number 30
🗓️Start at 6h [7h in CH] saturday morning
⛰️ 74 km, 4350 m+
📍Live on the website of www.transvulcania.es
Very excited to discover this island...
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Philipp ReiterPhilipp Reiter
10-05-2019 11:31:41

Message de Philipp Reiter du 10-05-2019All this fresh green - really love springtime!
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