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How I missed running with this guy! First run at...

Landie Greyling, le texte de sa publication du 06-11-2018 08:28:52 :
How I missed running with this guy! First run at home together since baba was born (or even longer because preggie belly couldn’t keep up...🤪!) The best way to multiply your happiness is certainly to share it with others! Cheers 🥂 to all those partners in crime out there, you make our lives bloom so much more🌈👌

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Landie-Greyling-459940004066949Landie Greyling,Professional Trail Runner & Online Coach

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Starting over or simply starting can be one of the hardest things!? Where do you even start?? It can be so overwhelming and demotivating.. sometimes it would just be easier...
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If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it!!
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Family Mexican fiesta @tafelstories 🌵🌈🌽🌮🥜
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Message de Landie Greyling du 02-11-2018Le 02-11-2018 :
Don’t look for motivation. Find your WHY. Then no excuses will come between you and your goals👊
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Some days the motivation is high and you feel like you can simply jump through the day, other days you have to work much harder to feel motivated... On these...
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