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Sunday was my first trail race back post baby. Felt...

Landie Greyling, le texte de sa publication du 17-01-2019 09:22:08 :
Sunday was my first trail race back post baby. Felt so good to get the heart rate pumping, push on the ups and fly the downs. Really missed the feeling of giving my all👊☺️. What’s your favorite thing about doing an event?!

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Landie-Greyling-459940004066949Landie Greyling,Professional Trail Runner & Online Coach

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What’s the single most important thing that running or sport has taught you over the years? For me it’s to be present in the moment, in other words slowing down...
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Message de Landie Greyling du 11-01-2019Le 11-01-2019 :
Best birthday so far! Bedtime cuddles with my baba Haazz, häzz in bed, a mountain run with my wonderful hubby, my parents surprising me with a visit & a delish...
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Lack of daylight can reduce our vitamin D levels and a deficiency in vitamin D can have a negative impact on our mood. Known as the...
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We counted all our reasons, excuses that we made
We found ourselves some treasure, and threw it all away
What you're waiting for?
What you're waiting for?
What you're waiting for?
What you're waiting for?
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Message de Landie Greyling du 03-01-2019Le 03-01-2019 :
A beautiful morning pulling & pushing little Christopher along Buffelsbaai beach 😎👌
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2 sleeps and counting 🤘🏽
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Message de Mira Rai du 17-01-2019Namaste everyone! We are having a wonderful time in Madeira. Thank you so much Salomon for the opportunity to run here.
Enjoying the Salomon Running camp with all my teammates 😍
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