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#tbt to @safarihalfmarathon two weeks ago, totally out of my...

Landie Greyling, le texte de sa publication du 16-05-2019 06:01:06 :
#tbt to @safarihalfmarathon two weeks ago, totally out of my trail comfort zone😋. Getting out of that comfort zone can be hard, but so good for you:

*There is no better way to grow
* New challenges & experiences require your brain & make it more adaptable, stronger & healthier
*You might discover something you love
*You will boost your self-confidence
*You will be proud that you took the leap
*Each milestone makes it easier to tackle another one
*You will learn that failure is rare because the most common outcome are success, learning & growth
*You will become more resilient & prepared for whatever comes your way!
#letsgo #nomorecomfortzone #getoutofyourcomfortzone #roadrunning #pb #becomeyourbest #beyourbest #moveyourbody #freeyourmind #gearupgetout

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Landie-Greyling-459940004066949Landie Greyling,Professional Trail Runner & Online Coach

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Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.
Mountain tops always gives me perspective, all of life’s little problems seems so insignificant and far away, EVERYTHING...
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The physical and mental emotions one experiences when you attend a Runstrong #hurtbox session:

1. Total disbelief when Ronel describes the session
2. Pure shock when you realise she is being serious
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You need to discover your unique personality, talents, passions, values & other gifts! Live a life filled with purpose, significance & joy🤗
#mondaymotivation #gearupgetout #letsgo #alpasfit #trailcoach #beyourbest #beatyesterday
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Wow...My first Mother’s Day... To be honest I never really thought I’d be a mommy. There was always another race, another destination to travel to, another adventure with @christiaangrey, another...
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Keynote photo bomber at the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine conference tonight in Vancouver (CASEM).

They also gave me a mic and let me share some stories for...

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Make you want to move your running/dancing feet.
~bob marley

Here I am with my @adidasrunners friends sharing my morning #gigong routine. Meditation...
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