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Lex Albrecht

Lex AlbrechtCyclist
Website : http://www.lexalbrecht.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lex.albrecht/

Message de Lex Albrecht du 30-04-2019Le 30-04-2019 :
I’ve arrived in Silver City New Mexico to race the UCI 2.2 Tour of the Gila with my teammates! This will be my 7th time here. The altitude...
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 28-04-2019Le 28-04-2019 :
Killington Stage Race Online Registration : Every year that I don't have a schedule conflict in my race calendar, I get super stoked to race Killington Stage Race in Vermont....
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 26-04-2019Le 26-04-2019 :
Throwing down some spring watts on the Camilien Houde climb in Montréal. Just me and my Fuji. Just me and my Fuji...

Photo: Pété Photographie
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 24-04-2019Le 24-04-2019 :
Fast and Female Champ Chat : Do you know a girl between the ages of 8-13 who would like to hang out for a fun afternoon of non-competitive sport, inspiring...
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 23-04-2019Le 23-04-2019 :
Today’s intervals fueled by the flavour: ORANGE

Science in Sport
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 21-04-2019Le 21-04-2019 :
Adventures at altitude in Colorado! Thin, dry air and great roads and training days. I love it here...
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 17-04-2019Le 17-04-2019 :
It's kind of cool to step outside of the 'cycling world' sometimes, to watch athletes practice other sports. Their determination, passion and skill is inspiring!

That's why I'm...
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Le 17-04-2019 :
Feeling pretty darn fortunate to be surrounded by such good people.

Cycling can help make some wonderful connections and build great friendships :). Thank you, universe!


Le 16-04-2019 :
Roads like these...
Gotta love 'em.


Message de Lex Albrecht du 14-04-2019Le 14-04-2019 :
It’s not quite “balmy weather” here in Colorado... which offers another chance to adapt and find different ways to “get the job done”. Good thing I love the rollers!...
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 11-04-2019Le 11-04-2019 :
I’m no stranger to long travel days... and I’ve learned to like them. Especially because OGIO always has my back.

Gotta love the cyclist life! It’s all about bikes,...
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 10-04-2019Le 10-04-2019 :
Type 2 Fun, and Type 2 Pain : Type 2 Fun and Type 2 Pain. All the feels of cycling: http://www.lexalbrecht.com/en/publication/blog/type_2_fun_and_type_2_pain.html
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 09-04-2019Le 09-04-2019 :
My vision is crucial to what I do as an athlete (and...it sure is important in everyday life!). Here is why:

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Message de Lex Albrecht du 08-04-2019Le 08-04-2019 :
Exciting news from Praxis Works, that I've had to keep secret all season long!

Visit https://praxiscycles.com/zayante-carbon-story/ to learn more
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 08-04-2019Le 08-04-2019 :
We raced hard, and with full hearts... and we got 2nd in GC! I’m proud of my team. Way to go Shannon Malseed for 2nd overall. We did...
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 07-04-2019Le 07-04-2019 :
Thanks to my Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank fam (riders and staff) for such a special birthday! One of my best April 6ths ever 🙂!
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 06-04-2019Le 06-04-2019 :
It’s my birthday!

We won my last race of being 31, and it’s time trial day at Joe Martin Stage Race for my first day of 32. Couldn’t...
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 03-04-2019Le 03-04-2019 :
Eat snacks.
I eat Science in Sport.
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Message de Lex Albrecht du 02-04-2019Le 02-04-2019 :
‪So much stuff & it all fits in my OGIO bags. Feels like I’m winning before the race has started, ha!

‪So long Big Bear, it’s been real. It’s travel...
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Plus d'infos sur Lex Albrecht

Lex Albrecht is a professional road cyclist. She is also the present Champion of Quebec, has represented Canada at the World Championships, and was 2011 Canadian Vice Champion. Lex has held mutliple titles and won many victories across North America.

Lex was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She moved to Québec at the age of 18, and studied Medical Biology at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.

Though an avid cyclist for many years, Lex began racing in 2009. It was during that season that she was introduced to the international cycling scene by competing in the World Cup race in Montréal, the Tour de PEI, and the Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l'Ardèche. She was also selected to be a part of Team Québec at the Canada Games.

In 2011, Lex was a member of Canada's only women's UCI cycling team, Juvéderm-Specialized Mazda. The team brought home excellent results. In 2012 Lex raced for Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies.

Here's a secret: Lex wasn't born with nailpolish on her hands. But, she loved painting her nails wild colours as a kid. She only starting bringing out the nailpolish again in 2009. Check out the latest designs and flashy colours on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/lexalbrecht/finganails/
Professional Canadian road cyclist. Member of the Canadian National Team and Tibco SVB professional UCI Womens World Tour cycling team. Lex Albrecht has represented Canada 3 times at the World Championships, has had 3 podiums at the Canadian National Championships and holds 7 Champion of Quebec titles.

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