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Welcome November. And welcome back to me writing some more...

Lucy Bartholomew, le texte de sa publication du 31-10-2018 22:48:24 :
Welcome November. And welcome back to me writing some more words for you all.

Lets talk about something real.
Ebbs and flow.
In life, in training, in work, in family…whatever connects with you; we all experience these ups and downs. Riding the waves of life but how you choose to do it can alter how long you can do it for and how happy you can be whilst doing it. You can fight the current to get back out there to get back into the sets ready to get that high on the next ride or you can let nature pull float you back into the line up and be energised, almost recovered and raring to go again.

Western States was my battle for 2018. There is no doubt I put my heart and soul into the build up and into the day itself. I loved it. I thrived off having the challenge set and one goal to focus and strive towards. I took it past the point of a hobby and made it my work, my life and I wouldn’t change what our how I went about this race BUT I knew that this was just a moment in time, it was unsustainable in-fact and that ultimately the race day would come, whatever happened would happen and then there would be the aftermath.

I have spoken a little about that post race depression but I never really got to speak about how I re-found the balance of life again. I needed to lay on my back, let the waves carry me and let my body reset, recover and maybe more then my body I needed my mind to wander rather then be so set on one performance.

I have done just that.

I have had comments asking about how my fitness is, people noticing how my body has changed since the race, how I seem to have no structure in my running. And that is completely true. I wont lie, I don’t feel fit, I feel heavier, and I didn’t really know where to focus next. And that OKAY!

You can’t always be fit, you cant always be at the top of your game. I don’t see it as a bad thing, it can be a hard thing to recognise but it’s exciting to know that now there is all this room to improve, you know where you can get to and you know how to do it.

I wanted to write this to tell you that it’s OK to rest, to hide your abs for a little, to eat the cake, to train for your goals, enjoy the process, embrace the focus and determination it takes to chase your dreams BUT then sleep in, run with no intention, give your time to family and friends and be human.

I am excited, I’ve floated back into the break and I am ready to take the next wave.

Surfs up!

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lucybartholomew17Nothing makes me happier then moving on trails, in the mountains and in the sun

Sponsored by Salomon Australia, Suunto and CLIF bar..and my mum and dad

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