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Weekend reflections 🌀 You can learn so much from the people...

Lucy Bartholomew, le texte de sa publication du 11-11-2018 19:19:52 :
Weekend reflections 🌀

You can learn so much from the people around you.
You don't have to be an expert, a coach, an elite or a know-it-all.
This weekend I attended the Ultra-Trail Australia camp held by Squadrun; 33 participants (who were quick to tell me they were old and could be my mum or dad) came from near and far to see what exactly they has signed up for in the race course; some returning, some never touched dirt and some were here for to get away from kids and partners but everyone came with an open mind, a curiosity for what lays past the comfort zone and a hunger to learn- little did they all know that they were the teachers.

More than talking, I listened. I heard about the different juggling acts of everyones life; how they found themselves here, what motivates them, what scares them, what they are grateful for and why they are great. No one was unheard.

More than talking, I watched. I saw participants who nearly didn’t take the travel to the camp out of uncertainty smile the largest. I saw tears with amazement at what themselves had achieved; fear looking up to the cliffs from the valley floor wondering “how will I ever get up there”; pride as they crossed what will be the finish line in May and encouragement from one another- once strangers now friends. All this along with sweaty hugs, talks about pooping in the forest and concern with a trip or a fall on the technical tracks . No one left behind.

I have run a few camps myself but when you are running the show you are normally planning for the next day without watching the ‘now’ unfold and realising the space you had created. Being on the side as a guest gave me the time to sit back, talk, smile, listen, learn and laugh. No one was afraid to give their experience a voice, every memory had a lesson.

The truth is I learnt more from these 33 men and women who consider themselves ‘new’, ‘inexperienced’ or “unqualified” are maybe the biggest wealth of knowledge I have had the honour to open my eyes and ears to.

Life is an ultra. Celebrations are your checkpoints; there are bad weeks- valley floors, good weeks,- mountain tops; moments of fear, joy, heaviness, lightness...and always snacks along the way. if you are alive, you have lived, you're an ultra expert. What did you do in the hard moments? You made it out, you held on. I bet the mountain top seemed pretty far away at that point but here you are...one step at a time every participant got to the top of the Furber stairs, looked down at where they started and couldn’t believe they made it.
I never had a doubt, I’d already witnessed how strong they were- these steps were nothing.

Don't tell me you're old, tell me your experienced.

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lucybartholomew17Nothing makes me happier then moving on trails, in the mountains and in the sun

Sponsored by Salomon Australia, Suunto and CLIF bar..and my mum and dad

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